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As it stands there are monsters. Our "own" and our enemies among our opponents.
From censorship, to propaganda demonizing us, to hackers, etc., it has been made abundantly clear that the next eon of strife has been upon us for a generation or more.

Whilst combat is between specific subcultures in any faction, every faction must have its overall direction.

If you feel you have only a passing interest in anything, currently here Guro, and rebuke any notions of genuine effort, you have a dark reality to accept: There are those who wish and work to take away your abilities to enjoy your interests. They have no respect for you as a person and whatever your interests are, you they'll destroy them if you let them.

You must choose to ether forsake your interest, or work to protect your right in your interests.
You can pretend that just enjoying a different interest will suffice, and for some time, it may. But eventually, it will also be taken over due to complacency and apathy as much as to cancerous zealots and tyrants.

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