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If so whats it like?


I tasted mine once, it was quite bitter.


Did you know: shit is full of faeces!

That's right, it's basically made of digestive end products - the waste material left over after your body is done digesting the food. It's also full of bacteria - so to minimize health risks, at least gurgle with a strong alcoholic beverage if you do try it.


Yes. To be honest, it didn't taste as bad as i expected it to. And it certainly tastes better than certain foods (not many). Now the shitty part (excuse the pun) about it is the texture and the fact that its, well, full of bacteria. So, if you think of doing it, just remember to wash your mouth after. And also, its real hard to get the smell off of your fingers. The only trick i found was washing with vinegar and the rubbing some coffee between my hands. The coffee overpowered any remnants of the smell.
And now i can actually claim that something "tastes like shit".


No but I tasted my dog's shit.


No, but wanted to and got close. I've taken a shit into my hands and in the shower and stuff, but the smell hit me so hard that I thought I was going to puke and had to get away and struggled to get it cleaned up. I don't know what to do about the smell. I want to be able to taste it, and I want to be able to have fun with it, but the smell makes me violently ill. :-C

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