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What is happening? Are the admins back or are we in the deepweb zone again?


Oh shit it did, I hope the admins can fix it the same way they did the last time


Don't get your hopes up, guys. Best way to not be disappointed is to expect the site to never come back, so that when it does, it's a pleasant surprise.

In all seriousness, no idea when this will be fixed. Admins are still gone.



Wait, so how was it fixed the last time then?



So expect this to happy every 3 months :P


I already know that, what I meant is that someone had to renew it the last time, so I'm curious who did that if the admins are gone


Hey Straitjackit, have you been able to talk to some of them? Are you able to take control over the website and restore the certificate/know the person that did?

Also, nice to hear from you :)


I published a certificate override path on reddit for everyone. I'm not quite sure how to get the message across. If some of you can reach others tell the to go to the guro reddit page.


The admins are dead. I don't mean this figuratively. There are cults of Moralists hacking with keyboard and ax. They oppose not just us but each other.
If any sane generals remain, they may as well be dead for all we should be concerned. Something as sinister as our fetishes is not only growing, it has grown unwieldy and the next holocaust will soon be upon us...


We're going to have to copy/paste this site with New Mods/Generals or find a way into it to change some things. And, have a few people who keep the site running. I really hope and wish that the mods are still here. We could maybe secure it/work with the little we have. We gotta find a way.



I posted this on reddit.

Gurochan Certificate Override (AGAIN)

If your using Firefox, in your bar type" chrome://pippki/content/exceptionDialog (dot) xul ". You will be prompted to make an exception type the full" h ps www gurochan ch "(with the slash marks and periods in there usual spots). It will surpass the certificate and override to allow access.

​If you are using Chrome, type " thisisunsafe" for an override. I was told this works by Chrome users.

​For Phones (Droid/Iphone/Whatever), there are anon (tor) apps you can download that will automatically bypass the certificate for you because of encryption (you must look them up yourself there are plenty).

Make sure to circulate this out to anyone you can reach and upvote my post so it stays at the top for those who need to see it (both on here and reddit). Don't attract too much attention though. I'm going to post it again tomorrow or earlier.



Honestly this who certificate thing is starting to get completely out of hand. Though I hope this place isn't ever abandoned.


Honestly this whole certificate thing is starting to get completely out of hand. Though I hope this place isn't ever abandoned.


It worked!
Also the older versions of Firefox like 28 and 29 let you ignore the expired certificate, they even ask you if you want 2 do so!
If the method presented by Cenobite doesn't work 4 you, grab a portable firefox version 4 this site and other without valid certificates.
Enough with the doom&gloom they are not that powerfull, no1 knows what happened 2 the admins maybe they got tired or their wives found out about their hobby! That is why you must train your family first, especialy your young lolis as soon as possible! ;)
Gurochan is not a site, gurocham is us so as long as we are here, this site will exist in a way or another!
We shall be like lions in their moral paths and split god's head with an axe! Hail Satan! ^^


I concur!


Why didn't the admins install some script which fetches new certs automagically?

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