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Hi there. Nice to meet you, even if you are considered as a monster by others.
I'm a French Girl, i'm 25 and i am trying to understand things.
Recently i have understood something that has changed my life and so now, i try to find people to talk deeply about life.
I just wanna learn.
I need action, I need to explore things.
I just want to talk with people who really want to have deep conversations about life, spirituality, politics, education, love, fear, dreams whatever I need someone open minded and with a lot of imagination.
To be honest, i am hypersensitive and i write a lot to try to keep things out of me.
So i just want to talk to someone who can understand me.
I'm tired of being considered as crazy, mean or whatever.

Do not hesitate to contact me, it would be a pleasure for me.


See ya


Hi Bellevoye, I'm always happy to have deep conversation with people who are interested in that sort of thing. I attempted to email you but the email bounced. If you want to chat, just shoot me an email at


Same, your email bounced.


Do you have Discord or anything like that by chance?

If so, you can add me, I'm Qexet#9673



i don't think i am brave enough to get to discord but if there's party i want to join to. Anything? By the way there's always people that in the worst situation than others, i mean i am probably more monster -if u want to call like that- than you, and i tried to understood more too at some time. I suggest to use streams,reality based dramas like asians,or life based movies. i have a illness that make me unable to understand feelings so that was hard level gameplay for me but if you want to find or do or achieve something you will eventually. there's nothing that human dedication cannot achieve, have fun from life and peace. btw i really do like french people-food-language-shit ex so thats why i cared that much. if u do read, feel free to give some feedback there,i will check at some point

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