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Hello! I know there's a lot of us out there, I've met and dated two different trans gore/death/cannibalism fans irl, and want to connect/start a chat group possibly? Mainly, I have no one to talk to when I really want to eat a cute boy
Also curious, what's appealing to you about gore? Do you have more fantasies about giving or receiving, for whatever your specific fetish is?
Happy hunting <3


get your retarded gender politics out of here


do you know where you are?


Hi, if you fancy chatting send me an email at i'm always happy to talk. :)


Hi! I just find gore and dead bodies cute.. that's really the only way I can explain my attraction to gore :/ if I were to do anything irl I would for sure be giving :)) breaking someone's neck would be so cute...


Howdy, bi dude here. I'd be down for a group chat if others are doing it.

The appeal to me is the concept of someone being at someone else's mercy, I think.

I have a number of fantasies of receiving and of giving, and I have quite a few specific interests in guro. I'd share more if others were interested. Maybe the group chat is a good idea?

Since nobody else has the guts to make a group chat.
I'll probably delete this if nobody joins within a few weeks, but... I'm pretty curious about this sorta stuff so i decided it'd be nice to make a server for it.

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