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I have fantasies about my sis being snuffed on the loo. Totally out there kinda stuff, was wondering if anyone else had thoughts that sorta aligned


Yep lol i have the same exact feelings


Same xcept its towards my gf whose against anal tbh. Would be nice to take her out with a bullet halfway through a shit nd treat her ass proper


Yeah kill them while they are pooping a shit out! ;)
I wish some1 would make a story of this fast!


I would pay for a story like this


I could write something like that, someone killed and fucked on the toilet is easy enough (though I'd likely tone it down on the scat just a little). Contact Eterya#2731 on discord for details.


I defo remember reading a story awhile ago where this high school kid has a crush on this girl who is nice to him in school but she like rejects him and hes a butter whose obsessed with her ass in leggings so he breaks into her place at night when her parents are out, it goes into detail about how like angelic she looks sleeping and he has a go at sniffing her ass and stuff before he stabs her in the back of the neck with a kitchen knife and goes to town on her asshole, think she empties her bowels or darts as she dies too, wish I could remember the fuckin author


Oh, definitely. I have two rather attractive sisters, and I have fantasized about them being snuffed. When I was a teen, I always dreamed of some burglar or serial killing breaking in, and killing everyone else but somehow I survive. After the creep leaves, I come out of wherever I'm hiding and play with their bodies before I call the cops.

Usually the fantasies did involve one to them being on the toilet at the time; the killer comes in and either puts a few bullets in their head or sprays their bodies with a machine gun.


Shit it's always the good stories that disappear.



Oh, it's not I story I have written. It just exists in my mind, though I could write it out at some point.


To me I like this sorta idea because girls seem so innocent and guarded about those things and to end them and to like free their bodies from their stupid brains and let them do their thing is hot

 No.8211 - I have based my latest story on this thread.

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