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Password (For file deletion.)


Our mass deletion option has been removed, so has our ban option. Reports no longer work, either. I would have to delete them one by one, which would take about 4 hours, because of how strenuous the process is.


How the hell did that happen?!


could you give a few more people the power? I'm sure you could find a few people with half an hour over the next week


*Cough Cough*



Would be a bit bloody hard to do considering the admin (enclaved) is has been missing for well over a year now.


Cenobite, your IP is visible to me, if you take advantage of my inability to see reports, or to ban you automatically, rest assured I'll find another way to bar you from the site.


I think mod credentials are fucked up right now. I was able to see IPs and D E buttons, yesterday.


What the hell? I meant cough cough as in I've been asking to help mods on the site left and right. I post on here and reddit (A LOT). I was not mocking you. Btw, I have not been reported for any post/content . I help people animate, give encouragement, fill request on request page, give instructions on what to do if the site goes down, follow the Guro reddit (help there aswell) and have seen alot of IRL type photos on this site that break the rules. If you go to request right now and litterally go back to yesterday or the day before you could see some of these rules being broken. Threatening me was unnecessary seeing how there are people blatantly breaking the rules and walking scotfree.

I am here, willing to help.




Sorry about that then, it very much seemed like a threat.


I understood what he meant and rather favor him, tho I'm glib and perhaps not favored by admins.
p.s. fuck reddit


I have love for all you brothern>:)


Out of curiousity, is the botch in your abilities gone yet? There are somethings that need to be deleted (some still in the examples I gave).


This very badly needs to be dealt with:


I sent you all an email.



Dear Mods,
We are waiting for your kind answer.
If mentioned thread is really forbidden (although no real life images there, only screenshots of acting from existing movies) we won’t keep posting there anymore.


It's a grey area since it's fiction. ya may continue.


Actually, I'm curious about this too. So we can post realistic fiction images/gifs/wembs?


Anyone still active?


I'm lurking and hopeful but weary.



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