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hi, for the past few months i have been trying to find a way to process payments without my content being flagged. for a while i was going through Patreon, but i had to cut all ties to my website ( because of their content restrictions. there are similar issues with using PayPal and other processing options.

i have considered getting around this through a cutout site. however, this seems very risky, all it would take is one person reporting me to Patreon and i would lose my Patreon account completely. so that doesn't seem like a good long term solution.

does anyone know of a good way to process payments with verification, that doesn't risk the payment processor cutting off due to content?


Probably a link to a paypal account you set up that you could have people send money to you or create a patreon which shows the before picture (before the gore>:D) and list a website where they can see the after picture (like tumblr or another host website that lets you upload gore and lets other people see it). List in the description that it is extreme content in bold and link the same pages that allows an overview of before and after "gore" pics. Not sure if people have to pay to unlock the preview pictureson patreon. I think you can put a lock on them.

Best bet would probably be a direct pay to paypal though (probably one that doesn't have your direct info (name,location,etc)).
You can also creat a mini website to host the guro and links to your paypal. You would have to tell your fans that your moving though and link it here so we could give our support. Or you could keep both the website and a patreon up incase one goes down. Worth a shot>:)

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