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Hello, I make these short webm stories about animal transformation, based on the X-Change pill stories where the pill changes your gender, I make ones were you change your species. And I have combined my fetishes of animal tfs and snuff and so quite a few of them are about people becoming animals and being slaughtered.

just wondering what people think
x-change wild domestic domain dot tumblr dot com


Make them>:D

(Personally I perfer straight female only) You could have them turn into animals and show the throat slit machines, removal of heads, removal of intenstines/guts, separate Uterus removal, arms/legs in the "furry" (still just enough human though) and then show people devouring them. Haven't seen anyone eat a womb or uterus in a while. Or cream fill them (with cum>:)) with glazing the corpse and having females devour it. Ironically I'm barely into vore or furry xD. Come up with some stuff, let the creation flow and present those beautiful masterpieces to us whether they are requested or just what you think of.>:)


well I have a few posted to my tumblr, but I wasnt able to post a direct link, just the broken link at the end of my post


H X X P together instead of H T T P should do the trick




I'd like to check this out


Fuck off and die


Not sure who person above was, but don't listen to him. Animate them and see if people will like them. (Make sure you animate them and they aren't IRL visualized(SFM, Blender, Etc)).


I take clips from videos and make them into a webm and then overlay a text window over the video


Im actually slowly running out of ideas on how to make them different and not samey. If you have any suggestions on story ideas I'd love to here some.

I've kinda started to build up this world that has started accepting the idea of X-Change Wild users becoming animals as a regular, everyday sort of thing, and also the idea of XCW meat being approved by the FDA or the USDA.


My first post to you kinda has the general ideas.



only thing is, I'm limited to the videos I can find, cause I just take videos I find from the internet, I don't make them


Naw you gotta make them (Animated, SFM, 2D, 3D). Not the irl version/internet ones. IRL type fantasy isn't allowed. >:) they have to be "animated" inorder to be posted here. You can do it though.


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