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This was in the news a while back. youtube.c*om/watch?v=Dq2F-9reSL8

I accept I may be going to hell for this...but I'll get straight to the point: what exactly is happening to her as we hear this chilling audio at around 1:14 on? It's been bothering me for a hella long time and I hoped someone might be able to satisfy the morbid curiosity I have associated with this. I remember someone said she was being ripped in half, and the shaky scream at the end was her upper body tumbling deeper into the machine. I have no idea how an escalator works. Any sick fucks care to speculate?


It wonders if those 2 workers are not into guro because they were waiting for that woman to fall into their trap. But it can be that Chinese people are just generally too stupid. and cannot think unless they are given instructions.

It is clearly seen that one of them broke the floor panel and then stood up in front of the prepared trap waiting for someone to fall in and they did not even stop it letting it chew that woman.

An escalator is like the conveyor belt with steps, and it looks like clearances are quite tight there, so she was not just ripped in half but totally crushed and torn into pieces while those pieces were transported downstairs.
So the result is pretty close to falling into the industrial meat grinder.


So the last, bumpy sounding scream was the machine just chewing everything up to her diaphragm?


She did end up jamming it, I would imagine with her femur bones, and then bled out due to severed femoral arteries.


I as seen in that video, she was chewed up completely until nothing was left probably it even crushed her head.

Tthe last sound looks more like the sound of her skull being crushed and then it got jammed.


There are smart and dumb Chinese people, just like everywhere. Your racism is showing.


Well, Chinese people are known to be exceptional in their blind following of orders and traditions in general. Of course, all nations have dumb people but China is something extraordinary.
Russia is on the opposite side where people are just equally known as Chinese to disregard all rules and orders and do everything the way they believe is best at the moment.

This death here happened for only one reason: there was no order to stop the elevator when its floor collapses so those women did nothing.
a similar tragedy happened in the factory which got on fire where security guards were not told that they should let everyone pass without checkups in case of fire so many people died because they were not allowed to leave the burning building.

Such things can only happen in China because anywhere else guards would have enough brains to let people escape burning building or escaping people would have enough brains to kick the guard in the face with their boots until he learns how to use his brain.



The escalator stops a few seconds after she goes in -- she wasn't completely ground up. Seeing as the femur is the strongest bone, it is likely the one that jammed it -- but too late for her.


I hardly can imagine where any of her undamaged pieces could remain because she fell right in the gap where everything was crushed
it stopped only when she was completely sucked in right at the moment when it should have crushed her head.

that thing is pretty powerful human bones won't stop it.


I think from like 1:26 on you can hear her racking in absolute it appears those above were right; it jammed before crushing her completely. What a fucking way to go.


Look up the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. It's not about being Chinese or Russian, it's about whether greed has any limits imposed on it from outside. Greed and apathy always converge to lethality. It doesn't matter if it's 2000s China or 1911 New York City.



At the beginning, right when she fell in, she was standing a spinning bar. One of her feet was on the bar, but the other got caught in the machinery and took her off balance, so both slipped in. Then she was grasping onto the spinning bar to try and pull herself up, but her foot had already been pulled in and dragged her with it.

I made a couple stick figure drawings over an escalator diagram. i.imgur.c*om/AxlCvao.jpg

looking at those, it probably sucked her feet in ankle first. For some reason that makes it a lot worse to imagine. All of this happening in a few brief seconds, the situation and the full thousands of tons of force of the machine becoming clear just as her foot started to turn at a bad angle.

I have admittedly looked pretty hard for footage of her body being pulled out but can't find it anywhere. I saw a couple of pictures that were suggested to be her but looked like a hoax, with different clothing and all, but maybe they put it on her posthumously because her clothes were shredded. In the event they were real, then it looked like it stopped at her femur.


Your escalator construction seems to be a bit strange because motors cant be placed there more common construction is to place the motor belt horizontally not vertically like here
this is way more convenient and easier to service because you just remove those panels and can get access to the motor assembly.

so when that panel broke, she fell down right on the motor, which is round so she slipped right into the gap between motor and Bull Gear
there is not hart much space between them so she got pulled inside

This is not exactly the same situation, You can't blame greed here.
It is Chinese culture itself if it is not even genetically encoded.

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