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Could a mod please delete all that 'alternate timelines' crap from the lit board and hopefully restore the stories that were pushed off because of it?


>>implying mods exist here


ABSOLUTELY FOKEN FANTASTIC. Now /g/ is fucked too.


Yeah, RIP Gurochan #3, 2014-2018.


This is only the 3rd one? I could have sworn there was a .com, .net, then the one before this.


Okay, so there is something going on here. Geez.


I saved as many as I could. We really need some new fucking admins.


We do need some more mods (me >:D) but no one has reached out. I gave out my reddit info so I could talk to them so I could help out, but they haven't given a response yet...

To the mods out there, I will be willing to put some man hours in to help you all out and moderate>:)



Good to hear that you're willing to volunteer your time. I'm not surprised you haven't heard anything.

I'll throw my hat in there too...mods where the hell are you?


As much as I hate to say it, I think it may be time to create a new Gurochan. This current owners seem to have disappeared, and the spam attacks will drive people away. Unfortunately, I currently don't have the resources to create a new site; I would have already done so if I could have.


Well, the site is still functional at least - and evem if the mods are nowhere to be seen at least one of them seems to be active as I've seen a few threads disappear so they were probably deleted... That brings the question of why the spam is still not removed yet :/

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