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I have noticed from days before, that Gurochan system is better than the other chan tbh. Congratulations.

I can see by comparing this chan with most of the other chan.

there are differences that makes Gurochan stands out:
- tidy and straight. the first posting in a thread are aligned the same way as the others, no overheading besides the first post
- List of threads in a category. after you entered on the category, you can see the list of threads in that category. you can scroll down and find your thread.
- etc. I forget.

I wonder, is the system is made originally, or has been available before? who made the system.
thank you for your attention


Shows what was newly updated immediately with clean order and sneak previews of material.
More open environment free of people not trying to chase us away from the site, but welcome us with open arms.
A site dedicated to one thing and one thing only, Guro.
More welcoming people who mostly follow rules and craves each others thoughts, interactions and emotions/creative abilities -rather than the snowflakes that see our thoughts, stories, request etc and actively try to fuck with us D:<-.
Steady stream of updated, new material backed by thousands of people who come on here.
Steadfastness, despite Gurochan going down a fuck ton D:< it hasn't been completely taken off the map like other websites have. It kicks its way back in, but only with the help of everyone.>:D

Like legit, there are no other true sites I can think of that host guro of this caliber and is this readily availible, with the ability to interact with each other. It's simply, beautiful.>:)

P.S. Sorry if it sounded a bit hostile>:)


Last post was me>:)

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