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So, I'm looking for someone that I can commission for a Gravity Falls story. Is anyone interested?


Can do. 15 usd per 1000 words, rounded up. 5 usd personal squick charge, flat fee, for vore/dolcett, adult/child incest, or eating gross things (it's more difficult for me to write). Minimum commission length 2000 words, half-fee up front.

If you're interested, search "flens verpa" on AO3 to find my contact info. I have some example work in lit but not up on AO3; I mostly use that account for bookmarks. (I have a different AO3 account for not-gurochan-content works, but no way in hell am I giving anybody the ability to connect it with this persona.)

All personal information, including names, nicknames, and usernames, will be kept confidential, unless otherwise requested, and you will do the same for any of my personal information. I reserve the right to post commissioned works on AO3 and if applicable DreamWidth and similar sites and to use them as a potential portfolio (or, conversely, to do neither of these things if I don't want to), but with any identifying information removed. Commissioned stories will have a note that they are commissioned (or "specially requested," depending on site TOS) by either "Anonymous" or your preferred handle/nickname. I do require an email to discuss the story prompt and to process payment; again, I won't disclose it, and it doesn't need to be an address you use for anything else, so long as it's connected to your PayPal.


Trying to look up your name on AO3, nothing's coming up, though.


>>7933 archiveofourown. org/users / whydoihavethiskink/profile

For some reason, even though I added the info to the pseud during its creation, it doesn't show up when you click on it, so I had to put it in the core username profile.

(AO3 has something kind of like twitter where you can have "pseudonyms" for different fandoms, etc. It still shows the core username, though, which is why I keep an entire separate account for the really gross stuff/interacting with chans. So eventually I'll probably post the Flens Verpa stories in that account, but I'm still writing them.)


Thanks. I’ll email you when I get home from work.

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