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What was your fondest vore memory in any media source?

For me, it was when I watched a nature show where a pack of dingoes had brought down a female kangaroo and seemed to be using her body as a chew toy and were biting, licking, sniffing and moving around her body. When I saw her head and face and how calm she looked despite being dead and being eaten, I became quite aroused and fantasized about being one of the dingoes.

A favourite anime vore moment was in Episode 3 of Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse when the BETA's were messing around with and tearing out the intestines from Izumi Noto's dead body and she was limply moving around with her eyes and move open like she was still alive but hypnotized, mentally broken or not caring about her situation. That was a turn on for me.....

How about you guys?


just watched that muv luv scene.. both of them where the girls get ripped apart/eaten. shit was so fucking hot, damn man good call. love stuff like that

i wish i could think of some good movie related gorey vore scenes with hot girls off hand, cus thats what i like best (celebs or models getting ripped apart).. or any good gorey hot girl deaths period.

games have got plenty though, like resident evil 5-6.. especially with nude mods lol, some pretty sexy stuff there. sheva getting bit in half still one of my favorites of all time. always lookin for others tho


Slightly annoyed..D:<
Firstly, it was episode 2 (found that out the streaming lagg hard way). Second, theres another scene right behind it that was super awesome too.

Don't know why but they have it on a loop.

Welcome >:D

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