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Are you deleting things from the various Dickless threads and then locking them on purpose, or are you cursed? The most recent one (created specifically because the previous one ended up thinking that everyone was you, and unable to post anything more because we don't have your password) now comes up with your name in the top right corner and suffering the same issues, ie it is now functionally dead. In addition, at least two images that I recently uploaded to it have disappeared with no sign or explanation of what may have happened.

If you're doing it on purpose, please give it a rest. If it's accidental, can someone with the necessary rights and knowledge *please* fix their account so this stops happening? It's been a problem since at least December if not longer.

Also I had to click through to /dis/ twice to actually clear that pseudo-mod affliction and so actually be able to post this...

Anyone got the inside line on what the fuck is going on here?


Welp, just seen /dis/res/7497.html

...and, whaddya know, it now thinks I'm a not-fully-logged-in straitjackit THERE as well, so I (and presumably everyone else) am unable to post in that thread itself to reply in any way.

Sorry to say this, mate, but you might have to make a new account or something. Maybe just one where the S is capitalised or something. Because right now it looks like any thread you touch whilst logged in on that mod account ends up poisoned the same way.

Doubt it's your fault, but it's certainly something tied to that ID and posting (and, I guess, moderating-out images? checking my DL folder, the two that disappeared were marginally* /g/...), which means once you've appeared in a thread, no-one else is able to post in it any more. Which means essentially we need you to stop using it on any thread other than ones where you want to be the exclusive poster :-/

*like, there was a small suggestion of blood, rather than anything particularly hardcore. The sort of thing that I would have thought gets a pass in /f/ as it doesn't cross over with /g/ that much and there are enough other /f/ threads that have about the same level (the NecroBorg one is particularly rich in it)... given the range of topics, and particularly the one in question, it's somewhat unavoidable to have a little suggestion of injury or amputation. It's a YMMV thing and you're the one with the powers, but I would appeal that it seems a little heavy handed... and now I'm gonna have to scroll back up through the thread and see whether some other examples that were about as edgy have also been deleted or not.
FWIW, there's at least one upload in the Cuntboy thread that features menstrual blood, is that also verboten?


*doublechecks* ... at least two with menstruation in fact, and that was without much scrolling. Plus the other suggestive or slightly-/g/ examples in dickless 3 are still there...

anyway, do us a solid, click through to that thread whilst logged in, and log out specifically with that page loaded? maybe if that clears the blockage it can be used to unblock all the other affected pages as well.


enclaved has fucked off to god knows where and so the site has been slowly breaking down. currently straitjackit is the only mod, and he has no idea how to fix the current issues either.




Straitjackit here, admins are back, i think. I'm trying to fix any issues i possibly can. If you need to contact me, please join our Steam group and add me, I'm the admin there, and you can directly report issues to me.


Here's hoping the admin(s) are back. I have lurked/posted on this site for over ten years now. Would be an awful shame for the site to tank permanently.


I hate to say this, but the way this site is going, it's doomed. Sign up for Pixiv, it's a great site, and has far more content than this site. 4chan would be a good 'chan to use, too. Or 8chan.


Guro fans are often chased out of the new 4Chan, unfortunately.
I like pixiv, it just feels like less of a community to me.


I'm a pleb who should probs stay out the way but wtf is happening?
Just spam and blinking in and out of existence as always?


I shot out an idea a while ago to have a separate website based like gurochan but under a different name, but want some Admins to take a look and help build it. I have a shit ton of gems and would really be willing/able maybe upload them (likely links I don't like to upload>:)) They are quite nice and I know from my selectivity that others here would very much appreciate them.

On another note, It would be very comforting to here from some admins, considering we might be going through the certificate issue again, pretty soon. Alot of people still don't know to check the guro reddit page for assistance, the onion link backup, or the work arounds (overrides) for getting to the site despite them being on our reddit. {As a prep plan, someone may have to copy the server and host from another location, the plans for which should be happening now from a trusted (original admin or longtime user who can) member.}
It would be quite nice to here from someone:)


Not being able to post and being asked for staff login is sucking really bad


But I don't want to post too much on Pixiv, I can keep my work here in a more organized and feel at home kind of way.

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