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Alright, time for a evil poll.

Lets say your family is forced into some sort of debt. You're given a gun with only one bullet. Then given an ultimatum. Either shoot your wife in the pussy, or your virgin daughter. There's a failsafe in place that prevents you from using the gun on yourself, or anyone other than your wife or daughter. Once you choose, you and the survivor are freed. You don't know who kidnapped you all, so there's nothing you can do once free.

Who do you choose? Why? How do you do this task?


Daughter in her non-dominant hand, carefully making sure that it's not going to hit anything vital. Probably the fingertip of her little finger.

Because it wasn't specified where I'd need to shoot her.

And I'd do it carefully.


That is an incorrect answer. The daughter must be pussy shot too.>>7586


Well since nothing is said about timing I can just ignore that ultimatum
also, I doubt if shooting someone in the pussy will kill them

My policy in the family is either we all die or we all live

But since I don't have a wife yet, it is hard to tell how I would behave in that situation because it is pretty possible that my relationship will be pretty bad and I will be pretty pleased with the situation when I can kill my wife and stay innocent that way avoiding problems with divorce.

if I can do other tricks I can try to shoot my wife without doing considerable harm, for example, I can put something in front of the barrel to slow down the bullet or try to pick some angle which will make it not deadly or the most clever trick

I would push some pretty heavy big object into the pussy of my wife and then shot it
from outside it would look like everything happened properly accept that bullet possibly would do some injury to her pussy but will not go very far

if my captors demand more bloody spectacle I would fill per bottle with small shards of glass push it inside and then shot it in the bottom
that should make them satisfied enuogh


My wife. If I marry a woman, it's because she'd rather herself than our daughter.

...but by the end of it, I'm going to torture and rape each of these captors. Their assholes will face much worse than bullets.


I love these!

My serious answer: So, most of it depends on what kind of debt it is. I think you introduced the debt to make sure that not shooting at all is not an option. However, I can't think of a situation where the death of a family member is better than the debt. So I would probably don't do anything and wait it out. I'd refuse to play along with this, I would choose the debt over possibly deadly injuring a family member.

I do understand the point of your dilemma, though. So if the deal was that both my wife and daughter were slowly and horribly tortured before my eyes until I shot one of them, I would shoot my wife, hoping she would survive and heal. I think it would be easier to explain shooting my wife to my daughter than explaining shooting our daughter to my wife.

But, since we're here on gurochan: I'd insert the gun my wife's pussy, aim upwards into her abdomen and shoot her, letting here slowly and painfully bleed out before my crying daughter. Then I would beat my daughter to death with the back of the gun with slow, deliberate hits to her head. And if I wasn't gay I'd then fuck them both while they were dying.

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