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I only wanted a better. Now I want everyone who has wronged me to be hurt for it. A lot.

I see something about copyright, artists being laid vs artists sharing art. I want everyone to have access to art and to feel happy making art and to have enough funds to not only survive but also thrive. To enjoy their lives, on top of simpling existing as technically aware entities.

i want people to stop hurting each other, especially children, animals, the elderly, the mentally and physically impaired, and the all around defeated.

I want redemption even as I want my enemies to suffer and stray further from any sense of it.

I want there to be an all loving god..

I want even the worst of you who read this to have hope for a better world and to help it...

I want. I hate. I hope.
Not in that order. I want and then I hope for it and then I hate that it's lorded over me. That I can imagine some amazing world and yet this world, with torture and other abuses, though it's better than many possibilities, is the one I'm facing... it's a dark fact in my eyes.

I want everyone in this world to understand what I've witnessed, and understand what they've witnessed.

Good luck everyone.


If stupidity and ignorance could be bred out of people, that would be great.

Putting short term profit over long term sustainability is the root of many evils.


I think it would be nice if there was no suffering in the world, but pain is just part of living. I wish people wouldn't exploit one another, but humans are predatory animals by nature. A benevolent god might be nice, but it would take the significance out of being kind to one another. There is plenty of darkness in the world, but without darkness, the light would lose all meaning.

I wish I could change things about the world, but I can't. I don't have any real influence over the world or society as a whole. I could wish and hope, but I'm better off trying to change the things I have some control over. Honestly, I don't know whether or not imposing my ideals over the entire world would be a good idea. For the most part, I try not to worry about things I can't change. Caring about problems I can't change will just frustrate me further. That doesn't mean I'm happy with the state of the world, just that I have to make do with what already exists.

I want to live a quiet life. I want the people I care about to be happy. These things I feel like I can at least work towards.


Only thing what I can wish for this word is it's end

And our goal as humans should be to work towards ending it as fast as possible and changing into the new and totally different version which has practically no similarity with what was before.

as the final end, I think the universe has to be disassembled into atoms and rebuilt into supercomputer which will simulate new reality with new laws of physic absolute immortality and theoretical lack of suffering.

This is not going to happen soon but this is the direction where we should move.
the right way to eliminate suffering is not to fight evil but transform evil into good by changing rules of the game where evil is impossible.


Suffering is necessary. What must die is hopelessness.

You can suffer for a time, but you must be able to overcome it. What we need for the world is better game design. Right now there are too many holes people fall into and stay in forever.

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