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Can all of the scat content that's clogging Freakshow be moved to the right board please?

If s subject has it's own board, it should be kept there, and S content shoould be restricted to S, so that A) the peolpe who find it gross don't have to wade through it, and B) the people who like it can find it more easily.


haha you think this place gets moderates


Please link these posts. Report function is no longer working.



Merely a case of YKINMK, on my behalf. I find scat disgusting. I know people like it. I'm not asking for it to all be deleted, just placed in the correct, pre-existing location.

I don't think this place gets moderates, because I am one. Or do you mean moderation? Because it does seem to get some, the posts have been moved.


How do I do that when I don't want to subject myself to the content?


morderated yes. Typo I saw after gitting enter


Poop nugget

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