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I'm looking for info on cannibalism. Guides, types of meat, stuff like that. Any at all would be appreciated!


Unfortunately (or fortunately) all known cannibals with considerable culinary experience are in jail so it will be hard to get detailed information.

but you can still use google


Oh, it doesn't have to be directly from an experienced one, it can just be simple things like type of human meat, how long to cook it, how to cook it, how to get blood stains out, it doesn't have to be very detailed. As I previously stated, anything would be appreciated. Thanks for your time!


Humans share 98% of their genes with pigs so you probably can apply all same method to humans as they apply to pigs.
most likely taste is very similar as well except that humans are only skin and bones so there will be very little to eat.
cooking technology is obviously same as cooking pork and nobody can even tell the difference in taste since when you cook something it is all about seasoning and spice if you sook it without seasoning it will be pretty horrible.

I guess you could salvage some edible components from hands and legs. Vagina and womb also should be pretty tasty

blood stains do not pose any aesthetic problem it is pretty easy to wash but if you are concerned about leaving evidence probably you should just spray everything with some iron-containing salt what will conceal blood making everyone look like big blood stain of you can get some luminol and check for leftovers. you will not be able to clean everything well enough because any trace amount of iron will be visible. Iron is very sticky and hard to remove as you know about rust stains


Here's a book about cannibalism. Haven't read it myself, so I can't verify whether or not it's a good read, just something that came to mind.

And here's a reddit post from a guy who ate some of his own foot.

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