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So, trying to figure out what the heck Patreon's guidelines are. I've seen artists who get "content under review" issues while others, with more contentious content are still safe and sound.

Does anyone know viable alternatives to Pateron for adults in the fetish community?


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Making their ownsite or mutually contributed site for payment is the best bet. Some artist have had to do that because of the fucking snowflakes. Hope that helps >:)


Use Patreon to organize monthly payments and your more sfw stuff, and have an account on another site (like Pixiv or AO3) for more explicit stuff. Link to the Pixiv profile, not your NSFW stuff itself, especially if it's art and not a story. In general, censors come down harder on art. Do something like "for every patron at X tier, I will post one Y on [site]" as a patron reward. It's not a complete alternative–it would be better to be able to send a message to these companies that they can't turn a good profit without porn, and PayPal be damned–but as a way for individual creators to survive, that's about the best there is.


I don't know how it is for non-Japanese creators, but I back guro artists through pixivFANBOX.


>>8993 I should look into that, and consider crossposting my stories as "novels" there. "Novels" is just the English word for the category for written works, as far as I can tell. (I'm not very experienced at drawing yet, and I don't want to be one of those jerks who clogs up tags with terrible art.)

The problem is that Pixiv is primarily in Japanese, including emails about policy updates. Thus, it's hard for me to navigate anything beyond a few basic fetish tags I already know about. If I can figure out how to use it, I might try it. Maybe I should start with signing up for Duolingo.


>The problem is that Pixiv is primarily in Japanese, including emails about policy updates.
There's an option for English language speakers that is quite extensive now, they've even started translating the tags.
>(I'm not very experienced at drawing yet, and I don't want to be one of those jerks who clogs up tags with terrible art.)
I don't think that's a problem, as long as you follow the rules and don't upload blatantly traced drawings or endless galleries of videogame screenshots.


>>9012 Maybe the tag translation is a desktop feature? Unless it literally came out like 2 days ago, the mobile app still doesn't do that (it's mostly what I use for viewing, and I've got it set to English). Some people do tag in English, but they're the minority. Also, I got an official email recently that was in Japanese; as far as I can tell, it was something about how Booth works. (They do have stuff like password reset emails in English, though.) However, I do agree it's getting better; when I first made my account, the "Read More" button on the site was only in Japanese. Currently, I use Google Translate to get a rough idea of what's going on with author captions, but it's really bad at translating Japanese, and you can't highlight novel text or tags in the app.
As for "terrible art," I don't mean screenshots or 3D graphics (almost never done well, btw, especially with scat), I mean crappy drawings. Some people do manage to have loose, minimalist, or sketch-like styles that are still attractive, but twice as many others just clog the tag with stuff you can't even imagine into being hot. (And then there's the guy in the scat tag who you can tell has good drawing skills and is apparently into hyperscat, but has no idea how to present anything as an erotic focus. Most of us aren't 12; the mere idea of a fetish isn't enough.)


Yeah, the mobile version isn't anywhere near as easy to use as the web version. And I agree, the awful art to good art ratio has really been lopsided recently, especially since the tumblr apocalypse, and all the deviantart refugees began to shit up the site with some truly terrible art.


The tag feature is really good. I think it might be PC-only but it has natural-sounding tag translations that don't look automatic. Like 男リョナ/"men in pain" … definitely a human came up with that.

Even if you don't use main Pixiv, BOOTH is pretty good as a Patreon alternative so long as you aren't giving out physical rewards and have a way to direct people to it.

Japanese site, so I don't know if non-pixellated genitals are acceptable – they prohibit "indecent material" in their TOS – but they're certainly OK with R18-G materials, and the system of R18-G rating makes it easier to fine stuff.


Sorry, I meant Fanbox, not Booth. Booth is Pixiv's e-store. Also fine with guro content.

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