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Anyone here do some serious hate wanking like i do? I love thinking of teens I know. especially my bosses young dau....


hate wanking yeah mmm fuck yeah


My cousins


My sister and niece lol


Not really, Real people turn me off.


My cousins and their friends


My sister a lot


my cousin's who are twin sisters


I live close to a high yeah, a lot.


Hate SEX, yes.
Hate WANK, no.

I don't even know how that would work...


I've had intrusive thoughts about rape and being raped. Not sure if I have a fetish for it or not but I don't mind it.


I do not hate any women so just can't do that LOL

In theory this is kinda my type of sex because i woud prefer a relationship where sex is kinda based on revenge but I don't want it to grow to the level of hate just to the level of fighting.


Ha, most of the girls I fantasize about necrofucking are very much not hateable

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