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Are there any characters that you hate that you would enjoy seeing get raped/beaten/killed? I always thought Wendy from Gravity Falls was a cunt, seeing her get her shit kicked in would be great.


funny thing that... I always imagined Sailor Moon and her posse being tortured... hated them

but I don't care for artwork of it.


Sunako from The Wallflower. God I’ve always wanted to see her get her shit destroyed.


Ronaldo from Steven Universe
Princess from The Walking Dead
Tons of unkillable characters I've encountered in games (this is the worst damn thing)


Tattletale from the web serial Worm.


All the puchidols from Puchimas. I know some people like them because they think that they are cute. But I don't like them.

I often think of them getting chopped to pieces and then roasted.


Lara Croft. Have never seen someone I love dying more than her. Bimbo-garbage trying to seem smart


Any female sideline reporter for an American football game.


Alexis Nunes from espn, Stephanie McMahon and Alexa Bliss from wwe


james moriarty


I want to see Thanos killed and everyone who pretends they're on board because resources.

Just admit you hate people and are Ok with killing them on that basis alone jeez.


I hate Sansa from Game of Thrones WITH A PASSION. I wish Ramsay was still alive to flay her while she begs for mercy

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