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You're casting a magic spell, making a wish, it's magic that changes probability. Whatever negative thing you imagine, it will never happen again to anyone in this world. Not good people, not bad people, and it can't be forced on someone by another's will (so no executions or murders.)

There is no limit, so you can stop as many deaths or injuries as you want, it can be as specific as you want, you can also choose not to stop any deaths. There are reprucussions. If you say "no one should ever die" then you must also deal with the population.


I would say, I don't think anyone should ever become injured until their immobile, and die of hunger due to being unable to move.

Also, no one should ever wake up in a coffin, or be trapped under a rock slide or building, so that they're in an uncomfortable position, dying slowly. Especially, no one should wake up in a coffin unable to move.

Next, no one should have nervous system ailments which cause pain. Pain should only ever come from your body notifying you of an injury, it shouldn't exist as a glitch of your nerves. That must be unimaginably painful. Ideally, people would learn to use their will power to ignore or turn off pain which they're already aware of, like how you can't tickle yourself. In otherwords, things like pulling out a splinter or getting a shot shouldn't hurt (I think that's already basically possible with some pain management training.)


It's a hard game. Now that I've written out mine, I realize: What happens if someone gets trapped or immobilized? I said no one can die that way, will they just be there for eternity, starving? Isn't it good that we can eventually die in situations we don't want to be in, where no one can come to save us? What if someone gets trapped in a building that doesn't get uncovered for 100 years? Will they go crazy, will they even be the same person?

Ultimately, I probably wouldn't make the wish. Try to corrupt each others wishes.




I think ideally death should not be abolished entirely, but it should act as a teleporting system as when you die you get in the afterlife and then you just reappear in any place you want. but as penalty death will be pretty painful and not that easy to happen

or it could be reincarnation system but with the one catch, that baby will reach somehow autonomous age in a week and here your penalty is that you will be stuck in pretty helpless form for some time but you can impregnate anyone and make them give you a birth.

That way you avoid all problems of being stuck.

Without death, there will be no more good and evil in principle because everything, even pain becomes a good thing as it does nothing more than motivates you.
To eliminate suffering completely I would only make people feel pain and disscomforctr for thing they are capabale to change in theory.


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I would simply eliminate cancer. Cells would still occasionally mutate but it would simply be impossible for any type of tumor to evade the hosts immune system for any prolonged time, unless their immune system is in such a bad shape they would have died very very quickly anyway.

They say every living being will eventually develop cancer. It's just a matter of probability. Nowadays, most still don't live long enough, but as medicine progresses and becomes capable of delaying aging and fight more and more other diseases, the role of cancer will become worse and worse. In a hypothetical perfect world were all other diseases were stopped and no one would age, cancer would be responsible for 100% of the deaths, and still everyone would die.

Therefore eliminating cancer will free life from its greatest nemesis.

Also, it'd be awesome! We could finally have a proper nuclear war without having to fear those nasty long term repercussions...


Organelles repaired.
When entities can honestly say that, their cells are analyzed and repaired on a nanoscopic level, we can have biological immortality.

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