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Not joking, not a roleplay, not making it up. My body is failing me, the doctors know it and have thrown their arms up in the air. I've tried everything I can, but at this point I've been so sick and in pain for so long I just don't really care any more anyway.

The question I have is (for females only), would you like to act out any of your guro fantasies with me before I bite it. NOT asking anyone to kill me lol, or anything that would be illegal, nor cause for this thread to be removed afaik, just some concentual 'mutilation' so to speak.

I'm 100% serious, IF I can bring myself to do it that is. I'm certain it will still be a tough decision for me to make and go through with, but if any ladies actually agree to it before hand, that may give me some more motivation and courage to do so.

I've always loved guro, but the thought of being on the receiving end always interested me as well... especially the part where if a girl were truly interested in doing so, nothing would be hotter in the world to me. So long as I get to... orgasm, a few times beforehand, during, or after (if still possible lol).

I know this proposal is fucked up as hell, but hey I mean what do I have to lose at this point anyway. I'd be willing to act out any fantasies and certainly pleasure the girl who agreed to it as well.

What I'm talking about is mostly "mutilation" of my cock/balls... think like the videos with needles going through dick and/or testicles, except a bit more... severe. And possibly other things if the person is interested.

If anyone's interested just say so, anonymously or otherwise and I'll leave a way to contact me, and then you can decide that way. And if this thread breaks the rules (hopefully not) feel free to delete it I guess, but maybe offer up a suggestion on how to accomplish what I'm looking for or where to look in return lol.

Even made a username just for this for the first time after years of lurking lol.

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