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Would a semi-erotic gore themed game sell? There are lots of violent and gory games, but none really cross that line.
Anyone have some good ideas?
Do you think Unreal or Unity would pull their license?


I'm sure that such a game wouldn't become pooular with the mainstream. You'd probably have to licence it yourself. However, if it was well-made, had a big enough variety of content to appeal to multiple tastes, and was reasonably accessible I'm sure it'd sell pretty well within the guro community. Keep in mind that the "obscene" content often found in guro works would make it more of a challenge to distribute and sell, so you might still not be able to get away with much.


It might be possible to find the “grimdark” fan base of games like undertake which grow suitably large, and the fans of deadly horrors like danganronpa and Doki Doki Lit Club. As well as fans of slasher movies and dark stories.

Mix those all up and see how far into guro you can push without breaking the core tenants of any of those groups and you’ve got something that might please a very small segment of the very smal guro crowd while also enticing the rest.

Hmm... I might play all those games watch all those movies and read all those books I just mentioned and see what ideas I get.


As I know unity offers a free license as long as you show their logo on startup so this is not a problem.

However, it is pretty dumb to make pure guru game which has no other content at all. it should still have some kind of story and some logic to make it fun to play. it can even be a piece of art if you incorporate guro into some kind of narrative where for example the main character has schizophrenia

Also Guro content is insanely hard to produce unlike plain stuff or even plain porn because you need to manipulate your character models a lot and all those manipulations have to be procedural and cannot be even scripted or else it will be boring.

Even if you make some half playable guro game selling it will be problematic, because not that many people buy games and paying for something that is not even good enough makes no sense

we already have one guy here who is trying to make most decent guro game so far but he did not move very far.


One idea I had was you play as a smaller race of goblin or kobold species and you are in a battle between elves or some other fantasy race.
As you progress you could make elf skin armor and collect magic charms or something, eventually battling the queen.
It would mostly be a project for fun not for selling so much, there would be a game behind it, but a certain point I do sort of think you might as well just drop the gore aspect and make it for everyone. Unless you can make it really subtle.


Where in all that do you see any guro content?

Gore is not guro, to make a guro game you need to make it erotic.


Harvesting organs and making elf skinned armor or weapons from them. Could have prisoners be used for sex or given as trophies. Guess those are sort of things that would appeal to me.


harvesting organs do not really count as guro because you kinda do it in any RPG as harvesting boar livers LOL even in the old game "shadow warrior" you were able to harvest hearts of certain enemies and use them as weapons

maybe if you were harvesting penises of some giants and using them to shot aphrodisiac cum to your enemies that would make it pretty unusual.

anyway, the main problem is that while we may have very wild fantasies actually implementing them in the game is a nearly impossible task.

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