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First 2 are electro, 1st is chiller than the 2nd, this 3rd is Rock.

Maybe doom metal? Slow tempo mostly. Dark and almost atmospheric.


Mary Jane with BLue Hair singing a very happy go lucky fun up beat cover of a classic old rock song.

Unlike every other song, the best to look at this shit to.


the best of you should know this one, and it fits the theme here perfectly.


>A thread about (guro related? ) music and no-one posting Bloodbath.

A song named Eaten:

Resurrection through carnage:


I'm getting spam protection against my youtube links for some reason =\ but some of my favorite synthwave albums are Dangerous Days by Perturbator and Trilogy by Carpenter Brut

also totally unrelated...
Listen to Alcest, if you haven't!!


Here for the gross, cloying murder ballads:

www dot youtu dot be/BcQD2Z89vfU

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