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Anyone ever heard of "deepfakes"? They were huge on Reddit a few months back. I went down the rabbit hole and found this: /r/MediaSynthesis/

I feel kind of bad for commission artists, but this is actually really huge news because it means that people with no art skills are about to be able to create whatever the hell they want in whatever artstyle they want, possibly as soon as early next decade.

Think about what possibilities that opens up. One of the biggest limiting factors for guro right now is that either you can't draw your fantasies well or people who can draw refuse to draw it or you're too embarrassed to ask because of the subject matter in my case. Or maybe you just can't afford it. This changes everything in that regard.


I am surprised no rape or snuff deepfakes have surfaced but please link if you have some


Well, I don't think we need to wait for the next decade we can do it already for quite some time if you want artwork created by people with no drawing skills just visit 3D board here.

in theory, you can flatten 3d into 2d somewhat

creating whatever you want is a bit more tricky than just using a computer because when you draw in 2d you actually defy reality and your images kinda lack logic. when you do it in 3d you notice that sometimes you just cant do what you want because of plain logic limitations

also when making 3d content hardest thing is to explain to the computer what you want like where you want to have each finger and even worse if you wasnt to make something gorey with modified body


The majority of my fantasies involve myself dying. The biggest way for me to cope with everything is the thought about my own death. I try to visualize my body decomposing over time in different environments. What happens to those around me, how I died. Was it in an accident, murder? Or finally ate the bullet. Contemplate how long it takes for me to be discovered in the latter case. Most of the fantasies that involve murder just end up in my dreams on their own although now my own death fills my dreams again.... Oddly enough, I feel the most well rested and relaxed when I wake up from such dreams. Evidence, no doubt, that I'm not right upstairs.

Of course, if someone should make me mad enough I drift to fantasies of slow torture, starting at how I would get them alone, what I need, all the way to how to dispose. Naturally I won't do anything I think of. I enjoy being on this side of prison walls too much.

Unlike some of you, no sense of morality plays a role in my mind.

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