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my name is guillermo, and I have a lot of time for personal reasons studying and investigating on how to send a message to a past date of my own person, more concise 2012 or 2008, I have investigated the retro causality and the cern, and I would like to know if there is a scientific or non-scientific means to carry out such a process, grateful for your help, I hope your contact and thanks to my email


I am Houhin Kyouma!!! Mad scientist, it's so cool...!!


Lmk how this goes please..


It can't be done.


As far as we know


Can't be done with modern tech, if at all. Most ppl jump right to relativity which says it can, but they forget that it's a theory based in beings of reason and not proven fact. I personally see time simply as change in substance which implies that it isn't linear at all and once an instant is over, its gone. All that exists is the present.


Forgive me for nerding out guys, this is kinda my thing. :)

A Tachyon - theorized superluminal particle can theoretically travel faster than light and backwards in time, and would theoretically let you communicate with the past. Unfortunately the operate word is >theoretically<

And this is ALL theoretic. Tachyons themselves are purely theoretical, science has yet to encounter anything like one. And their properties are equally theoretically, and based on what General and Special relativity predict >might< happen.

Another problem, is that theoretically a Tachyon would only travel back in until it met something that innately travels forward in time. At which point it would rebound forward along a time-stream. Kinda defeating the point.

Time Travel is permitted under Relativity and may become a thing in the future. But at this point the technology required is so beyond our capability that we don't even know what we don't know.

Gravity effects Time Flow. Time travels faster in intense gravity, I age slightly faster on Earth than an Astronaut on the International Space Station. But the difference is picoseconds over a period of years. And weightlessness has terrible health consequences, meaning you can only stay in orbit for a year or so before needing to return to Earth and recover.


Most interpretations of relativity which seem to allow for time travel actually don't. It is simply a misinterpretation of the data. If you ask any real physicist who knows these mathematical models inside and out whether time travel *backwards* in time is possible, the answer will be invariable NO unless we discover some new laws of physics we are currently unaware of.


>> Time travels faster in intense gravity

I'm sorry, but isn't it the other way around?

As far as my understanding of time as 4th dimension goes, it isn't possible. At least for us, living in 3D and unable to perceive time differently than "now and here". Not like Dr. Manhattan was able to change anything, though.


Did it ever occur to you that sending information to the past might alter the way things play out, resulting in a different 'future' and effectively destroying the now we live in?


Actually, there is a solution to that you can't just move to the past and disconnect from the present. You will be still living in the present while changing past which in turn, changes your present time as well

so, in essence, you will be not traveling anywhere but just modifying the present using pretty strange way.
That way you will be unable to perform changes that remove the reason of getting back in the part at the first place however you still can perform some changes that replace original reason.

For example, you cant come back in time to save your wife because doing that would remove the reason for getting in the past in the first place, but you can fake that death and abduct her to the future still retaining the reason to go back and save her.

Or it can get even weirder as you save her then meet yourself and give instructions what you have to do to in the future to prevent something that never happened anyway.


The past is not stored anywhere. You can't go there, it doesn't exist. There's only right now. The future also doesn't exist, and can never be totally predicted, because quantum stuff is random. Probably the randomness is why time exists at all.


tell me more baby


Jump in a black hole and see how that works out.


Thats a pointless question. You can't travel back in time. We don't even have a proper definition for "time", let alone mess with it. However, what you can try is "travel to the future" in a peculiar fashion, if it holds true at least. There are stories about people who had been lost in the woods and emerged 3 years later, only to discover that to them, only a couple of hours appear to have gone by. If such claims be taken as true, and we agree to the possibility of some forests somehow messing with our perception of time or whatever, you could "technically" travel to the future.

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