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There's this person that I used to really like, however after getting to know them better and due to circumstances surrounding this person, I grew to hate them. I don't want to give out too many details because 1. No one cares 2. I don't want to risk giving out personal information that may identify me. That said, the entire ordeal hurt me very much and still I have a twinge of pain to this day, however I think I've found a way to help me cope.

I fantasize a lot about torturing and killing this person in various ways. I imagine decapitating them slowly as they gurgle and try to scream, tears running down their face. I pick up their severed head and lick a little bit of the blood before deeply staring into their eyes. The combination of fear and sadness is absolutely beautiful and I can't resist giving them a deep, passionate kiss. I will be the last person they ever see, and will imprint into their mind for the last 10 or so minutes it takes for life to finally fade away from them.

Another fantasy of mine involves them being kept in a dark room, chained by their neck like a dog. I bring in their loved ones and butcher them in front of this person. They scream and cry, begging me to stop. I lavish their emotional pain until they appear completely broken. This fantasy carries on in various ways, sometimes I deny them food until they slowly starve to death, raping them in the meantime. Other times this fantasy involves me force feeding this person's dead loved ones to them.

Perhaps stolen from Hostel, I'd also enjoy hanging them up over a tub, completely naked. I slice them open and I bathe in their blood. Sometimes I play with their guts as they spill out.

I don't think I need to tell anyone here this, I just want to preface that I have absolutely no intention of ever acting any of these fantasies out. They are fantasies and will always stay that way. Besides, in fantasy I get to torture and kill as many times as I want to.

I'm not entirely sure why I felt the need to tell you people this or even if there's any other purpose to this thread. I don't know, perhaps share your own fantasies? Do any of you fantasize about killing/torturing people you know who've hurt you? I'm curious.


Those were fantasies of my childhood when I was going to the middle school I was fantasizing how I will capture and torture those who pick on me in most horrible ways I could invent at that time. I was not planning to torture them for very long just have some fun and kill those bastards.

Unlike you, this was not without intention to do this for real. It was just impossible to do or too dangerous.

Nowadays I do not have any fantasies to torture those who make me hate them. I just think about how to kill them quietly without getting caught.


I don't fantasize about hurting them, I intend to hurt them.

I know my chances of fulfilling my self-assigned Life's Purpose is slim-none, but it's my only real goal in life, to create perfect justice.
It banks on insanely unlikely things, the laws of physics allowing for surreal dimensional travel... but even barring that, with a civil war around the corner, a silver lining to that dreadful gray cloud is at least some justice becomes so much more viable.
But I'll take what I can get, and still hold hope fore the grand plan. Even if I die first, my purpose can still be fulfilled.


You sound like a pretensions jack ass who thinks humans are so “bad for this earth” , who thinks that your say in what happened is final and you get to do what ever you want to people as the ultimate “ justice “ and the civil war thing sounds like some Alex joined following idiot who says “ civil war if Hillary wins” .so yea you kinda sound like a self righteous jack ass who kills 2 hookers and gets caught doing something stupid.


Hey now! 2 things
Hookers are a respectable people, person by person.
I don't care for your politics.

Yes I have my perhaps religious beliefs but it's truly what calls to my heart. I've seen enough to know where this world is going, so I'll look for silver linings. I'm sure you're great by your own standards.


When I think about hurting the people I know, the fantasies aren't elaborate guro-themed wank fantasies. They're simple and direct, realistic ideas that I could conceivably implement in real life. Locking the relative in a room and burning the house down around her, following the coworker home and stabbing him to death from behind, etc.

The crazy shit where I torture/rape people and their loved ones tends to be motivated more by my frustration with certain types of people, particularly people in positions of power. e.g. it's been a recurring fantasy of mine to pick some publicly traded corporations and start selecting shareholders at random to torture to death on camera, then post the footage online, making it clear that I'm targeting shareholders of those companies. And there are other fantasies like that would involve corporate executives, government officials, etc.


I’m not saying they aren’t you sounded like a Person who would kill people for bullshit reasons going by perfect justice bit


You sound like a loser with an agenda just looking for strangers so you can imagine they're your opposition and bitch at them to give yourself the faux feeling of winning an election you lost.


Now I wonder, if you'll drop your silly politics, where hath you lined a legitimate bloody vendetta?
Theft? Murder? Torture? Rape? Breaking the law?

I contemplate who willfully hurt and hold down others.

Half this nation masturbates to a genocide of Iraq and burning down the rest of the world, when fleeing mothers cry for help, monsters who prayed to Jesus for help bombing babies and demanded free reign to troops call them rapists and terrorists.
These are the politics that matter.
This is life and death. Who would have saved them? I'll tell you.

The other half of this country calls me sexist and racist and looks for every opportunity to blame me for their failure. Because I didn't vote for one of the biggest proponents of what I used to think was mass murder for money. Now I see that's only a slim part of it. I'm reminded why I view religion as more central to war than money. It's the One War, and the Won War, because it is the eternal strife between all life, it's cause comitted by being born. It's Hell, and it's only with miraculous futures that it can be undone. Until then, here's the answer.
Themselves, if only they had the power to.


Politics aside, I also have violent and sadistic fantasies. It used to be that the choice victim was someone who angered me. Some more deserving of it than others. Back then, I definitely used it as a way to cope with negative emotions.

In more recent years, I have fantasized about torturing and murdering people I care about, or people I find attractive. The homicidal fantasies are mostly sexual in nature, but I suppose they do still serve as a sort of coping mechanism. Whereas before, I used them to cope with anger, now they help me cope with isolation.


In middle school I was fantasising about bringing gun to school and shooting as many bastards as I possible could. There was no chance for me to obtain a gun, so it remained just a fantasy.
I was also imagining killing my father, and from time to time other people who wronged me. Mostly stabbing, or beating to death with metal pipe or something.

When I got older I started to think more like Onix. Mostly in extreme situations or when I'm angry. How to kill, what can I use, can get away with it? Although my life is important for some people, so I can't risk it.

Other than that I sometimes think about killing bad people.


You remind me of a guy from different forum. Although his "Perfect Society" is a mirror reflection of yours. Anti-technological, regressive zealot. God is ultimate value (even though he didn't read the Bible), only heterosexual people will be allowed to live, animals have no rights etc.


I hear you, man. Although I wouldn't agree that much on "poor oppressed white males".


(Singing like a jingle) ”That’s why we need gun control”


People debating morality and politics on a guro-fetish board <_<

I mean, does anyone here REALLY believe that morality is anything but a human invention? What kind of justice really exists in the world? Just do whatever you want and stop spreading these terrible and demonstrably false memes about right and wrong.


If we loose whatever society we are in, we regress to our natural ways and all morality that is formed to fit whichever society we reside in will disappear. Man will eat man, kill and try to dominate all others. Whatever was seen as immoral and offensive will be gone and the chaos that is human nature will thrive. At least that is how I see it. Debating it would just be entertainment and thought exercise. Ultimately it doesn't amount to piss in a barrel.


You're why we nees guns.


Good and evil. Moral and immoral. I see that as objective. Even with caveat that there are shades.

Right and wrong is subjective. For some, evil is right. For me, purging the world of evil is right.

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