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So, that used to be something that would get you banned for an amount of time.

I visit this site every once in a while, not as much as I used to and I noticed a few RL pics.

Did the rules change or are the mods becoming more lax? I know with the dolcettgirls site they allow RL pics and its a common thing there, but again, just wasnt sure if there is a rule change or if the mods are MIA?

Can someone clarify?


Read the rules, as far as I know there has been no change.



Please harrass this awful SJW girl!!!, post in requests.

and this has been allowed up for close to a month?>>7145


The mods are mostly MIA, and if you read that post you'd know that whoever posted it was a retard who doesn't know what this site is supposed to be


I have seen some around as well, there also people trying to sell snuff pic which I think must be some kind of scammer. Where can I donate to keep the mods doing better job? I need this site or else I don't have a place to put my gallery, this place is right at home for us artist doing guro stuffs.



i know sites like dolcettgirls have RL pics and dont seem to have a problem. and with everything happening with the cannibal cop case being overturned for the moment I think gurochan should be ok.

Its just different from the site it used to be. I personally am ok with RL pics as long as no RL info is posted along with it. Keep it fantasy and we should be ok, but, I dunno.


DGF et al don't allow sexualized characters under 18, though. Isn't this potential combination the reason for that rule here?

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