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I would love to see my bitch sister in a horror movie. Does that make me a bad brother?


What is wrong with seeing your sister in a horror movie? It is not even porn movie. LOL


I would love to see my haughty wife in a horror movie, where she is forced to strip naked and then chased by a slasher villain.

Does that make me a bad husband?


What if I wanted her to die while naked lol


Oh. Exactly what I want with my sister


Yuck, you are such a pervert :) Now just add, that you want to be the villain with the ax chasing her and fuck her before you chop her into pieces LOL

But no, that does not make you bad brother, that makes you pervert LOL
the reason is that you want all that happens in the movie so it is a fantasy about fantasy. You even fantasize about NOT harming her.


We're all fucked up here, man


Fucking her then chopping her up? Aye not bad


Id love to show you her lol


Anyone wanna chat about this hit me up


Yes , that would be very hot. I too think about my wife being chased down and her big loose cunt abused by her attacker.


You on kik or discord


Discord yes


Whats your discord?



discord dot gg/xuRmqr


4 digit code?




Ok didnt go through. Add me


Ok. Will do in the morning ok


Alright I added you. So when ever your online next

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