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I like guro and I fap to it allot (probably too much) but when it comes to real life gore I dont feel anything.

Am I missing something?


Nope. Same here.


There is nothing confusing because real gore goes not look even remotely as good as guro. Not even mentioning that those real people are often pretty ugly too. (especially when mutilated)


I don't want to fetish shame nobody, but I think it's a good thing.
Real life guro is just sad. (Well, unless it's the bad person, but I've seen mostly more or less innocent people being massacred)
It doesn't seems right.

And it is ugly indeed. You can masturbate to whatever you want, but isn't this act some sort of compliment? Appreciation of beauty, emotions, art or idea?
Is a pile of meat that glorious, it deserves it? I don't think so.
But again what do I know, I've never jerked off to a guro in my life.


Yes, if you think about those people as about real people imagining their lives and consequences of what happened it really gets sad

But you may just not think about that or even see them with contempt and then there are no problems with sadness.


to >>7068
I feel like that's been said before


We even don't need to go that deep. Things like people trying to put their intestines back inside, shot in the head teen prostitutes in favelas or stabbed to death ex-gfs in Korea are sad no matter of interpretation. And fapping to that is highly disrespectful ( but this is matter of one's emphaty).

Although I agree, you can ignore this sadness, or even enjoy it. I won't blame anyone for that, but it's wrong thing to do in my opinion.

Well, I guess there are other great minds out there then;)


Not only do I enjoy gore, but I especially enjoy the suffering associated with it. The gore itself is just the package it comes in. To me, the sadness of the context is part of what makes it great. It's part of the reason I'm not into post-death gore and I'm not into consensual torture. A butchered corpse of a girl is just a pile of meat, but a living, conscious girl in tears as she is mutilated slowly has some appeal. The things that must be running through her head, the raw emotion of the situation, the trauma and anguish, all are a part of it. Emotion is a drug at the end of the day, good or bad.

Fortunately, I'm also a reasonable and respectful person. I think it goes without saying on this board, but it's possible to enjoy imagining the unthinkable without endorsing or condoning it in real life. I would never wish these sorts of things on anyone in reality.


Interesting. I'm not super into gore, but like you, >>7073, I'm way into the suffering, the physical, emotional, and psychological cruelty of the thing. Though unlike you I'm not into straight up non-consent. I like it to be consensual, semi-consensual, or just like, that's her place in the world and she just doesn't even think about having a choice, and its best if she doesn't enjoy it at all.

I think part of what makes it exciting in fantasy is how wrong you know it is in reality right? Like, in real life I'm a vegetarian because I don't even like the idea that animals die so I can eat, but in fantasy I will totally make that bitch prep her sister for the oven and fuck her in the ass while making her watch through the window.


Nah ur not missing anything. I’m sure if you did it right you’d like it. Irl gore stuff online is mostly such shit
Tell me with a straight face you could slit someone’s throat and not be aroused, at the very least by the fact of what you’re doing


Yeah it’s sad to think about maiming or death in the context of the irl consequences, and maybe you can’t help being turned off if ur empathy is high/normal enough
But personally the fetish more hinges around the mutilation, blood, guts and the control. Those things in isolation are hot, nothing sad about it

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