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I just did part of my fetish, I want to be cut in half and live so I can play with my pussy without feeling it, so I used anesthais and I played with my pussy can't feeling pleasure but my tits was good


Hi, nice to see you again, still alive :)

How did it felt in general?


Well so good, I don't feel my pussy like normal but more like a pressure so I did finger and insert large things inside but I did have pain after but my tits was going crazy. Just the feeli g of my tits and licking of my fingers, woohoo good. But it did cost me a lot of money all that. Next time sex like that


I want to hear more about this!


Yes, it is very interesting to hear what "large things" you inserted there that made it feel pain later.

And what kind of anesthesia it was.


Yes, I know, I want to know how big you could stretch yourself? I want to try this myself.


Well i dont know i just paid a nurse to do it, am crazy but not that much.

Dildo, what was ylu thinking.

You know girl like to talk sex too,

If you want to try well find a nurse amd paid. Have fun

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