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Has any man here eaten human feet?


Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) all people I know to do that currently are in jail


cannibalism is not healthy


if you can wait then maybe it answers question. 良い質問!


fucc i love eating dick


i would rather be eaten..Love to be alive and watch someone eat my cock&balls.



Some guy on reddit ate part of his own leg a while back


I recently heard about that. I think it was from my wife … reading an I Fucking Love Science article(?), I think. I could be wrong about the exact source.

The guy got into a car accident or something and asked the doctors if he could keep his leg. After that he and a bunch of friends got together and made tacos out of the meat. Pretty funny story.



I've always wanted to castrate a guy and eat his testicles.


You can eat mine in rp.


That would be hot

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