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Friend of mine was wondering how the sickest people would use her, and wanted no limit comments on some softcore pics of hers.
She's 5"2, slim but curvy, brightly dyed hair and really, really sweet and innocent seeming and adorable.
Anyone wants to hop over to imagefap and comment on her gallery, here's the link:
imagefap dotcom/gallery/7343602


By looking at her body in those pictures she does not look that innocent.

That kind of stuff should be done best as roleplay if she wants to engage in some fantasy. It is not much fun to do one-sided RP without getting any response.

But if I caught her and could do anything I want I would mostly use her as my pet and maid to help me around.
Some sexy punishments would be administered if she messes up something. As I see, she likes pain so it would be fun to test her limits and tease her.
Doing something destructive would be quite a waste in this situation but it would be fun if everyone is invincible or immortal.


Would use her as my slave for a while, tie her up and use and abuse her pussy , stretching and fisting her for hours on end maaking her cum over and over and eventually after shes done id cut around her pussy and asshole and pull her guts out between her legs....


By looking at her body she can be decapitated and her headless body remotely controlled as a sex slave and her head in life support or preseved alive in a jar unconscious


I wouldn't do anything, but on the other hand there are so many great torture methods and devices. And there are so many cool ideas for tormenting cute girls, that I've seen here, on 4chan/d/ and pixiv.

But I would never hurt innocent person. Unless she isn't innocent. In that case I would torture her for weeks, and destroy her mind and body. After that I would bury her alive.


I would tie her and then tear off her fingernails, break back all of her fingers, cut them off and make her swallow them. Then slit her throat, slowly, and taste her. Once she bled out I would decapitate her, open up her stomach and then chest, play with her insides and then completely dismember her body.


And since she’s a stranger doing this would not concern me, though not actually viable or safe considering the trail back to gurochan and then to me.

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