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Or read the books it's based on?

A future where death of the body doesn't always mean death. the ability to brutally murder maim etc a body without an actual consequence. I think it'd make one hell of a good premise for fanfic of the Gore/death type.

Has there been any fanfic of this type made of it? Perhaps someone has watched it and began to write such a story?

Plus the ability to clone your mind and body meaning you could kill/harm yourself, see/hear yourself experiencing the pain without actually feeling it.


I just binge watched it this weekend. I've never written or seen any fanfic about it, but it plays directly into some of my most common fantasies. Especially virtual torture and the woman being killed over and over again.


Thanks this was on jeopardy very soon after I saw this post more then one life to live for 1600 I think


I'm not familiar with that particular work, but it's a pretty common transhumanist trope, from Neuromancer and Ghost In The Shell and far beyond in both directions. Even relatively fluff-level works like Adam Warren's westernised take on The Dirty Pair (back in the early 90s) have played with it quite extensively.

Using it as a basis for legalised snuff movies is a new one, though... maybe.


The show is overall very good, even if it pushes some garbage lgbt stuff here and there and I can't stand this crappy agenda. From a fantasy POV it's very neat.

In the ninth episode there is a scene that got me super hot. There's a snuff hotel in the clouds where the hired snuff staff doesn't know they won't be put back in other bodies and they expect a high payout, but they get actually killed (and in the show's universe, real death is pretty rare). There's a little cute blonde that wants to be killed, but unfortunately the main character that encounters her has ... morals.


What LGBT garbage stuff? The show is showing a very morally loose society hundreds of years in the future where an individual can be immortal as long as they have the money. LGBT is not an agenda anymore, is simply a non issue as any other relationships and sexual acts. They can fuck their own clones, and even have legal snuff for god sake!
You are reading too much of something that isn't there.


I agree with the other anon, if you've got an eye for it, you can see it a mile a way, mega cringy stuff, like how that chick just happens to be resleeved in a dude, or how it just happened to be invented by a black woman who thinks men are evil

great show though, it makes up for it by being awesome in every other way, hopefully when (if) they make a second season they learn their lesson

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