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Now, don't get me wrong, I DO like scatbooru. The variety and sheer collection of what was considered a hard-to-find fetish is impressive... but there is one issue I currently face with it:

1: NOBODY! TAGS! ANYTHING!: Well, that's not "completely" true, but I have dealt with currently 30-plus pages of untagged stuff, and I know there are some who frequent the booru... yet they don't tag. And no, I'm not gonna JUST make an account to tag everything single stupid thing because this isn't a job for one person to do, thank you very much. Boorus simply survive as they do because of the community that drives them and catalogs them with tags, making things easier to access for everybody. So all these untagged things... it's gonna choke the booru with huge gaps of misplaced stuff.

I doubt anyone shares my concern/complaint.


You're not alone Waru. I've abandoned sites aplenty, and content being invisible is one reason I'm disincentivized feom sticking around.

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