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I was downloading some lolicon cartoons from a clearnet web site which i found through a google search(some torrent file sharing). Was getting myself some downloads and happily waiting for the fap time to begin until something terrible happened;

The download was complete and i was about to check it out when the following happened. I opened the file only to see some shocking content. Considering what i was searching for you can guess what type of lolicon i came across to. Didn't have proxy or anything on really

Apart from the extremely not the usual type lolicon disturbing pictures, In that folder there was this video which had a fed on the thumbnail. I started getting sweaty and clicked the vid straight away only to ensure how deeply fucked i was. It was a few minute video claiming that the fed forces of some Eu country have collected my ip and general information gathered due to the nature of p2p sharing system. I didnt watch it till the end, but it seemed to be believable enough for me. Surely i was pretty terrified and went on deleting the freaking thing straight away, tried to calm myself by making up hopes of this being some kind of joke; yet my anxiety only intensified during the following days.

Had to write and ask if anyone had been in a similar situation? How big of a trouble did I get myself in because of my porn habits?

This story is an iteration of what really happened for obvious reasons. (Shock Effect caused memory loss of the event)


Yes, intelligence agencies are going to let you in on their investigations. Maybe that's why people dgaf about wikileaks or gov spying.


Why would the police ever warn you? Do you think they are being sporting and giving you time to get rid of evidence?


The closest situation for me is when I first time got on internet and used hacked password on the porn site which gave me that message how my IP is logged and police is coming to arrest me ;)

But it is pretty obvious that if feds are going after you they are not going to announce that in advance making the video lecture of their methods so that you could delete all evidence
police cannot prosecute you for downloading that stuff they need at least find it on your computer. so if you are into something controversial you should use encryption like TrueCrypt and store it on some external HDD where you can claim that you just bought/found it that way and don't know the password.


What do you mean dgaf, what do you suggest we do about it? In my place there is no voting for implementing laws and shit. They simply get passed, ofc the gov claims it's for intelligence service to protect us from potential attacks, but there is just no way to do anything about it yet. I do care for me freedoms, because i want to do and watch whatever the fuck i want as long as it does not affect other people but i also dont want to end up locked up as the target group that makes too much noise on the streets. Everyone cares, there just no effective way of fighting against the system yet, I wouldnt be surprised if tor was under control already too tbh


I guess i just didn't think of them needing evidence, thought the facr of download was already enough/

Okay, thanks for this one - very helpful, makes more sense yes, but still pretty scary, the production was just too immersive i guess

Also who tf does that as a joke. Mofoes should understand that there are some sick and anxt people out there just trynna get off lol...


"Control" of Tor (and the clearnet for that matter) can mean a lot things.
Anyhow, my impression of the American public is general ignorance (PRISM collects every symbol and syllable, the Int Agencies have insidious persuasion programs, etc. Yet most think they're not being personally analyzed) and apathy ("why should I care if these people know what I fap to?" ...or know everything about everyone for that matter).

When the Patriot Act was passed, the Left had some outspoken critics but mostly moderates who went along. The right called everyone traitors for daring to think the government would abuse the power to abuse power.

Even today, it's a bitching match between 2 cults of (wretched) personality in a tornado of mindless bullshit made of momentary memes and cultural battles such as "who's the asshole over reacting to sexbots?"


Hehe no worries and i really mean this! It happened 2 me also, i knew i was using a safe system but i did some checking.In a few words they are only doing this to scare people, like the use of information with news that are meant to discourage people.
I have some experience in this matters, they can't compile shit, they can't do anything to you, this is only meant to thin the downloading numbers.
Happy loli hunting! Btw for loli you should try one of the last free corners of webspace! ;)


I am pretty sure that was A. a troll B. A scammer who wanted to push some shit on you or C. Some asshole who thinks adding these videos will help stop people or some shit instead of wasting your time.


I thought one of the sub-reasons for the creation of the Torrent system in the first place was plausible deniability over what you've downloaded? Unless it's an extremely rare thing being seeded by a single host and not shared even temporarily by others, your computer pulls in chunks from dozens of others in a semi-random fashion. Tracing the source of all those packets, and what's inside them, is the devil's own job; essentially, you'd have to already be under enough suspicion that your entire web traffic would be getting recorded man-in-the-middle style and the torrents you download reconstructed on the fly to see what's in them. Otherwise it's just a pattern of mass accesses to numerous other peers sending out packets of individually meaningless data (especially if it's a RAR/ZIP, doubly so if password encrypted) with no clear connection between them. It doesn't even necessarily download things in the correct order, it just takes chunks as they're available.

Anyway, if you're worried, delete the file, clear your Windows file history and that of the torrent client, and run a defragmenter that has the option to securely wipe all empty sectors after the run completes, e.g. Auslogics Disk Defrag. There shouldn't be anything left tying you to that file, or to suggest it was anything other than a passing Wifi leech who managed to break your router's encryption (WPA2 is starting to become rather weak vs modern processors and cracking techniques).


The effort OP went to to make it sound like he wasn’t deliberately looking for CP is hilarious

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