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With magic, anything is possible...

A gauntlet of painful artifacts. Paddles made of ice and wire whips strike all skin.

Or mind control. Make them do things. Burn themselves... and each other. Was it incest? Draco sucking off his dad and vice versa? Spanking circle? That goes on for ever?
Mind control them into actually hating each other or even make them hallucinate an entire life of pain!

Or just bugs and poop filling their rooms randomly.

Making Draco and his parents crawl nude through rivers of mostly snot, with just a single small portal leaking a strong but tiny mix of horrid shit, along with just enough corpses to cover their share... front of the other Death Eaters and his friends.
And their heads popping out from their ass, and from their next is a scorpion tail that stings their chest and back.


keep going on with the poop pls



Well I don't know what exactly you want

More poop? I was thinking they'd wake in the middle of the night with swarms of mosquitoes and sometimes random turds falling on them, eventually culminating in the paragraph above.

Maybe every death eater's toilet has a portal that triples everything and drops a share on Draco and his parents.


I like to think voldy made draco eat his mothers ovaries tbh.


I like to think voldy made draco eat his mothers ovaries tbh.

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