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Is there anywhere that sells a gurochan t-shirt and ships to canada?




There is a fair chance a place exists where you can get one made where they ether don’t give to shits or ask you and you could bull shit a manning and they’ll fall for it.


You could have one made no problem, I'd bet. It's super unlikely a t-shirt printing place would know the logo or restrict you from having it made.

That leaves the question of "why?" though.


(like, it's just the katakana for "gu-ro" in a particular typeface and colour, which you would have printed onto a buff coloured shirt... anyone who would recognise it AND admit to it is probably not someone you want to deal with... which leaves either the terminally curious squares who you'd have to make up some bullshit explanation for, or anyone who can read kana and asks you why exactly you're walking around with a shirt with that word on it)

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