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Would anyone be interested in playing a game like this online using something like Roll20 (I would have to check if they allow this stuff first)?

I've made tabletop rpgs before and was thinking of rules for a guro version that would have a combat system similar to La Blue Girl but be in modern time. There would be an all-female evil cult that would be the main protagonists.

I would allow you to create whatever kind of character you want with whatever kind of abilities you want (within reason). Want to be an assassin like the hitman game? Sure. Want S&M magic and be able to shoot barbed wire at people and chain then up? Cool. Want to be a werewolf and eat girls alive? Yummy! Want tentacles that let you fuck a whole group of girls at a time and impregnate them with vicious little creatures that eat their way out of the girl's chests in a bloody mess? Awesome.

I would be loose with the rules too because there is no one system that can allow you to do all your twisted minds can think of without bending the rules here and there. I'll even come up with new rules and abilities you can learn to help you achieve the bloody play style you wish.

I would validate sex combat by having some of the enemy girls using magic that protects them from direct physical harm. You would then have to choke, drown, or sex them to death. Most of the game mechanics would be sex oriented and if you manage to break down their willpower and get them to orgasim, then you could cause their hearts to explode or just shatter their defensive spell so you could finish them however you wish.

Most of the girls would not have this protection and you could kill them or enslave them however you wish.

I'm not sure when I'll complete this and have it ready for playing. I'm just trying to see if there are people out there who would be interested.


I want peeps to use these builds. Come up with your own specific lore. From D&D 3.5.

Baraiur (Manual of the Planes, not BoED) Wiz9/Ur-Priest2/Mystic Theurge 8. (arcane-divine master)
Bariaur Barb2/wiz6/Eldritch Knight10/archmage2. (Arcane-Martial master)
Monk 11/Ur-Priest 9 with a Permanent Dive Strength. (Martial-Divine Master).
Minatuar War Hulk 10 with a Permanent Divine Strength. (Super-Specialized Martial Master).

There are some other odd builds involving anti-priests, monks, theurges, and angel centaurs, but I'd love these for a typical party of 4. All can ve made very stealthy. I've designed countless power builds, each fitting of endless different backstoriess.

They're very suited to this campaign especially, given my other designs relevant to The Planes.


I am interested! Although I do not have any experience with d&d


I'm glad to see that people are interested! I'll see what work I can get done on making the game :)

Sorry, I only recently noticed that there is a RP tab on this site. I always had my phone vertical so that tab was cut off. I'll re-post this there later to see who else might be interested.

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