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What do you think of the reputation of the board out side of the guro community. The only no guro websites I know that even say we exist is Urban dictionary, tv tropes and encyclopedia dramatic-a. And they mostly say we’re pretty shit.


I honestly don't care about what people think as long as they don't know what I'm doing, specially where I'm from where almost everybody is a close minded conservative.


From what I read lurkin on 4chan's /d/, they see this site as more hardcore, but I didn't encounter any hate or ostracism.
Don't know about other boards though.

I don't like, when people assume we are freaks and psychos. Fetishes are like everything else-they don't shape you, unless you allow them to.
One can argue artistic depictions of violence are even less shocking or disturbing than kind of socially accepted real life BDSM, because no one is actually getting hurt for our amusement.


For all I care they could put me on a stake and burn me for my fetishes.
No srsly, why don't people do this anymore?!


We are brought up on reddit /r/guro in a neutral/positive way. I'd say most have never heard of this site, so there arent many opinions.


Aww ( ◠‿◠ )
Couldn’t have said it better myself lol


I'm not so sure most people know we exist.

I've confessed my fetish to a hand full of friends (yeah, I don't know, bad idea?)... not in great detail, but "enough." I'd lead with "my fetishes are fucked up," and they'd shrug it off and I'd reiterate, "no, you don't understand...

And your average vanilla person is gonna think, okay maybe BDSM, maybe some emphasis on the S&M. And you tell them "It's stuff you probably couldn't or shouldn't do IRL," and they'll think of some of the crazy stuff on deviantArt like inflation, and you say "guro" and they say what, "like, gore, but eroticized." Suffice to say, you end up having to explain it.

If they respect you enough, it's "okay, i accept you, it's just not my thing." Or they try to pretend it's not so bad until you show them some shit and then, "Okay yeah no."

Presumably, most people, IF they knew about us, wouldn't like us very much. Fortunately, most seem to try not to even think that people like us exist. It's like having a rape fetish. It's insanely common, yet I tell someone about it and "wait, so I'm worried about you, are you actually gonna try to go out and, you know, raped?"

People really don't get it.


Most forums I go to, people don't know guro exists, and are disgusted and shocked to find out. It rarely gets as far as them learning about gurochan.

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