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Has there ever been, or could there ever be, a guro Con or a Con that includes/included guro?


Well of course there could be. The question is do we really want to meet each other? Jk I'm down, the question is how do we get the funds.


Well, we could certainly start a fund. Or, what the hell, a kickstarter


In the modern times, I do not see any point even bothering with real-life meetings. But I agree that funding is the most tricky part. If you would like to travel US-EU that would cost like 3000$ each and also takes about 4 days of travel time( total.) This is ignoring all other expenses.

Considering idea of meeting each other this would destroy anonymity ;)


I almost crave an anti moral festival. I'm so sixk of ev people thinking they need to pretend to like me or whatever.


Actually i've read about a guroket( i think that was the name) while surfing the deepweb, i don't remember the details and i don't think it takes place anymore....i can't imagine why......

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