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Whenever I ran into some anons with jerkass attitudes, I immediately assumed them to be from 4chan. What do you think about them bringing up their attitudes here?


I think that's an unfair assumptipn.

I'm an asshole from Gurochan, thank you.


I guess it depend on the board they usually lurk.
Each board has a different bell distribution on the jerk-nice bloke scale.
I've had civil discussions there, but also been disappointed by a few salty faggots.


I browse 4chan a lot and I can admit to having been pretty rude on occasion.
I usually try to limit that attitude to people who make shitty posts though (prime examples being sauce request spammers, those people who just bump threads without posting anything of worth, people shilling their discord/blog on unrelated boards, creeps cruising for illegal/offtopic content).


I left 4chan when they removed guro and lolis

But in general, I never have any complaints about users of any forum, problems only come from admins and mods who are typically narcist assholes almost everywhere. You can always ignore anon with jerkass attitude or have fun in the flame war with him but when super asshole with iron fist comes there is nothing you can do.

The only real crime on the internet is spam. I would tear those fuckers into pieces fro real.


Indeed I left 4chan 2, when the site turn nazi and stupid, many 4chan users moves to 8chan, that's, one of the last free corners of the net including gurochan.Unfortunately some 4chan fags followed us there and tried to spam the guro and loli and other threads with scat pics.I'm starting to belive they are working for someone.Anyways, they are just pests and you learn to live with them after some time!


Nothing much, since I've never really latched onto the site. I think there's too many different boards and different people to have an opinion on 4chan users in general. On top of that it's pretty hard to make me have a seriously negative opinion of a person and even harder a group of people.


I once made a request for Puchimas gore drawing and then some 4chan anon told me to stop posting images of them on /aceg/, or /acg/, or whatever that was, which I still couldn't understand what he was blabbering about.




Pota naman Ito nayon? Hindi active


1. Unsubscribe from T-Series
2. Subscribe to Pewdiepie


Oldfags on 4chan tend to have a natural passive-aggressive attitude to everything, sometimes it can be hard to understand if they are just messing or are serious.


Ironically, I've always thought of the concept of a person being able to be "from" a website as being a 4chan meme.


4chan is an anonymous imageboard similar to this one. The main difference is that this board caters to a very small and extreme fetish that isn't accepted openly in almost all other social media platforms.

If people browse 4chan despite there being plenty of other platforms that cover the general genres that 4chan does then it is because they do not want to post under a given name. This means it will naturally appeal to a certain kind of person who wants to say things without any kind of repercussions or it being brought up in the future. You're naturally going to get more socially reclusive "jerks" on 4chan.

Just my opinion anyways. You learn to deal with the culture there eventually.


Pretty based, even if they are jerkasses. It might have to do with the fact that I prefer honesty and passion over every other personal value (which I feel like is more common over there due to anonymity and autism).


>problems only come from admins and mods
This. Visited for years, got sick of janitors and mods and came to the realization that I'm being pushed around by people who are probably ten years younger than me at this point and who don't know shit about how to do their "job" properly.

Things really took a turn downhill when Moot left, which is right around the time I stopped activity visiting. Just no time anymore. I used to waste hours on that site, I got too much to do these days.


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Cuckolds, and the morons from 8ch are no better since 8ch has been hosted on govt. servers since 2017. I've been wandering around imageboards for years now, with the only constant in my life being gurochan ever since /g/ on 4chan became technology. It's amazing how much bullshit this community has survived multiple times now. Hell I'm amazed Aya Swan still visits here from time to time.

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