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What would you think of a freeuse thread over in the lit board? Is freeuse guro something you all think would be worthwhile to read?


I don't think I know what "freeuse" means...


from reddit: In a free use world, women are to some extent available for men to use sexually (or the other way around). Though the context can vary wildly from porn to porn, in free use smut any man can walk up to a woman and do whatever he likes to her. A common standard in this fantasy involves women ignoring how they're used and/or society as a whole treating it very casually, but this isn't always the case.


Do you have original content you want to share? If so we're always looking for more stuff over in /lit/, and I do like freeuse.


The rule of thumb is, whatever sick or strange matter your materials deal in, do post. The chances are there'll always be someone to enjoy and admire it.


Just go for it. Free-Use sounds fun, you could go almost anywhere with that premise. And I for one would be interested in reading it.

Don't hesitate to write something because you're afraid of how people will react. Just be creative, write what you enjoy and enjoy creating it. Who cares what other people think.

Speaking for myself, I write the most overblown, overlength porn fic Guro may have ever seen a few days ago. It was riddled with missing words, ran on for ten chapters, and had the lamest Guro finish in history. And nobody gave a f***.


I think the more appropriate term is "casual". because free use sounds kinda dumb and ambiguous.
specific kind of "free use" will be "casual rape". if a woman does not want it but nobody cares

also, casual rape is like extremely different from the plain causal world where nobody cares about that issue at all. This is very different kind of fetish and will confuse everyone

Of course, this does not mean that you should not post those "free use stories" But I would suggest not to use that term without explanation


It always has been my number one fantasy. To use strangers as my disposable plaything for a bit is just so arousing to me. But when i do fantasize about it, i always come up with some kind of scenario where most of the male population died, if not no women would get older than 14.

So i love that thread and i can only wish that more content is added to it.

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