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Hi guys. I want to try something a little different for my second /lit/ project, and that means stepping away from my comfort zone and the fetishes I have experience with. I have a couple of questions, and I'm hoping somebody with a better medical or fictional knowledge can help me with.

First, something everybody likes. Blowjobs.

I'm wondering, could I actually die from asphyxia caused by a cock in my mouth? It can make it pretty hard to breathe, would it be plausible for a particularly deep thrust to block off my air supply and cause me to suffocate? And on a related topic, could a large enough ejaculation drown me?

And secondly, what seems to be a favourite around here, disembowelment.

My main curiosity revolves around sensation. Do my internal organs have sensory nerves, IE would I feel pain from my/in spilled entrails? Or just the pain in my skin and flesh? And secondly, how would you perform disembowelment? Would you slice vertically from the base of my ribs down to my mound, or horizontally across my belly or abdomen?

Thanks. I know they're odd questions, but having this kind of knowledge helps me write. And finding this info through other sources is proving difficult.


Oooh! I love this topic!

I assumed hey have sensation. Have you ever had trapped gas and it hurts like a motherf*cker? But really, I don't know. I have dissected before though!

As for the method of opening, that depends on you and your story. If the victim is being dissected then it is a vertical cut and you need to go around the navel. You can find dissection advice on the internet. Actually, you can find whole dissection kits! You can even buy animals preserved in formaldehyde to practice and learn from! But I assume you don't really want to go that far :D.

The abdomen is thick though. If you've ever dissected a fetal pig in high school (I did, and a shark... And a mudpuppy... I named the mudpuppy Cartman the sparky Parker Fluff Gills)...anyway, I digress. Organs are held together by a protein membranes and connective tissue so they don't just ooze out like a mess of noodles. Honestly, it's kind of hard to describe now that I think about it. It's not like they won't start messing up and falling apart, just that you discover a lot is connected so, you pull on one thing and it lifts the rest in a messy awkward fashion. And, it can smell. Particularly if you cut into the intestines. And I don't mean like a fart... I mean like.... IT SMELLS.

Oh! I just remembered something about pain actually...I only know about kidneys and the liver. These are very vascular organs so they are very very sensitive to pain, more than any other organ in the digestive system or urinary system. I'm excluding reproductive obviously.

Anyway, I hope that helps, and hopefully someone else can give you a better answer for the other questions.


I don't know about choking on the dick but I don't think it is very possible because you will not hold it inside for that long

as for cutting, I suppose the wound will hurt far more than anything inside and there is also an issue of human physiology where you cannot really identify the location of pain accurately pain usually goes along with the sensation of touch so if someone will hurt your insides you will feel pain somewhere on your skin.

however, if you watch what is going on your guts your brain will most likely reassign all sensations to the right places If you don't see it you will have hard time to tell where it hurts

as about the smell, it is funny that smel of our own shit is actually somewhat pleasant incomparison to other people and the content of out intestines is not yet rotten and does not stink that much, as shit. since it is pretty clean chewed food while smell and brown color only comes from the bile liquid.

I don't really know how sensitive intestines are to touch they may feel nothing or they may hurt like hell just from getting touched with something rough I woud suspect that they shoud not fell anyhting


Thanks, that did help. And I'm glad I asked because I was about to go off in completely the wrong direction. If it wasn't obvious, my hands-on anatomical knowledge is pretty limited. Kids don't dissect animals at school here, and I was too interested in taking machines apart to take Biology(which was optional)

I'm still not sure if I'lll ever write a DB fic, but at least I'm prepared if I decide to. Normally I like to write things that personally arouse me, like fighting for breath or being forced to orgasm. And I struggle to entice myself with harm fantasies like that, mostly I just feel ill, no matter how I construct the scene. Maybe I'm a little too normal for that, and I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

As for suffocating on a cock, jury's still out. But it's plausible enough to work with and I find the idea arousing enough just to run with it. My next fic is a rough, somewhat rapey F/M encounter and I wanted an interesting and humiliating way to go out. I wanted the reader insert to die looking and feeling like a naughty little slut, and literally choking on a penis seemed perfect symbolism.

It should be up some time tonight, I know better now than to make it overly long so I should be able to hammer it out in a few hours.


Go for it! And who cares if you're "too normal".

My dear, I have met enough people to know full well that "normal" is a lie.

Be yourself. Unashamedly. If you force concepts in your erotic literature that you don't like it won't be any good.

So let your dirty little slut choke on that cock. Who says it has never happened in the history of humanity? Doubters be damned! I'd masturbate to it!


>>I wanted the reader insert to die looking and feeling like a naughty little slut, and literally choking on a penis seemed perfect symbolism.

I would take that from the other direction because was kind of determination the man must have to keep his cock inside for that long without moving it?
maybe it could be plausible if he was some kind of monster with 10-inch cock which he can pound inside of your throat while still keeping it inserted al the time

in that case, it is totally plausible if we somehow assume that he will manage to stick it deep in the throat and pound it for few minutes ignoring her panicking and kicking trying to free herself


Yeah, I know Onix. I started writing, got about 100 words in and then thought "What the actual fuck am I writing?" It... was pretty terrible.


>"What the actual fuck am I writing?"

That's is the feeling which I get practically every time when I come.
Even if I try to do proofreading to fix the typos I get too ashamed to read that terrible stupidity I wrote even if it was super arousing just a few minutes ago. :)


For me it's more a sense of wry amusement. Not just at what I'm writing, but the way my brain fills with fog when I'm aroused. As I become wet I find it hard to concentrate, and my mind starts to wander, leading me to distracted and amateurish mistakes.

Anyway, I took a few days away and now I think I have a workable idea. I'm actually sort-of happy with it for once, although I know that'll only last until I start typing it.

Normally I like creating characters that are as richly detailed and alive as I possibly can, which can take weeks or months of work. Obviously that doesn't work here, it'd be a waste of time creating such a detailed character only to kill her within a couple of pages.

An obvious solution is to craft a good character, but have them able to return after dying. And an obvious problem with that, is them appearing godlike and the audience wondering how such an omnipotent being came to be killed so easily. So I put some thought into it, consulted some reference books and found the perfect creature.

The succubus. Most iterations of Succubus regenerate when injured, and others can only be killed temporarily. And yet they're not a super powerful creatures, they're ultimately quite fragile and would be 'balanced' enough to be a working main character.

And with High Fantasy being such a modular 'build-it-in-a-day' genre, I have what feels like a great premise. I have a character with a personality that I already enjoy writing, who has every believable excuse for getting into sexy situations. She's reasonably powerful, but can also die believably and then return.

All I'm left wondering, is whether I've created a Guro fic or a naughty adventure story with Guro elements. I should have the first section up within a few days.


Obviously enough of any liquid or solid can choke you to death.

As for inner organ nerves... a man got gored by an elephant that did not care for him as he cared for it. "I felt everything." He also said something about looking at the elephant with hope that it would kill him, just put him out of pain, and instead it glared at him like'no, you live with it' and walked away.


Those don't count as odd questions here


Considering death and revival of characters I see a more important problem that when you are immortal you simply do not die, you do not "come back to life", but just don't die at all., There is no penalty or even you get benefits.
Being a super strong character is not a problem here because not resisting can be like an indication of the strength too and this can even be played as a dominant bottom

So for me, the question is how to make "death" still somehow important enough, to have some fear about that but keep characters immortal.

I decided that one solution is to make them forget how they died what will make death exciting every time as if it was the first time experience and later character gets back to life only with the knowledge that she "died" but can't remember any details how that happened. what makes it even more arousing to listen how other characters describe it making her desire to experience this unknown thing.


You can die deep throating a man. To try to answer your own question lie on your back on the kitchen table, lying your head back as far as it will go over the edge and take a 10 inch or larger dildo into your mouth and down your throat as far as you can. Your gag reflex will kick in. Just keep trying. This is a great position for oral sex! Try it!

How far can you get the dildo before you can't breathe anymore? Not far for me. I have to breathe through my nose. If he were to block breathing through my nose, I'd be done for quick. I can't hold my breath very long.

You are unlikely to drown from a man's ejaculate. You might choke to death on it if you're in the position I mentioned above and couldn't breathe through your mouth.


I have most definitely felt organ pain, I don't think you're right about pain necessarily localizing to skin.


Pain will only localize on the skin if the sensation of touch will match the sensation of pain. otherwise, you will be unable to tell where it is originating from. internal organs do not have many pain sensors and they are all connected to the same input.

To say it more accurately it is not that you will feel that pain originates from the skin, but from the place where you touch the skin.

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