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I have been long time visiting here and I always thank for many great artists! I wanted to make my own works but my painting skills are terrible and do not I couldn't.

A month ago, I downloaded SMF on steam and I could make some pictures what I imagined, and It was wonderful time for me. But there are not many models which I can use, so It's restricted to make some situations.

I have a dream that I'm making CGs with my own characters and models. But I don't have any knowledge about that. What do I have to study for making 3D CGs?


If you want something more flexible you need to get DAZ3d and Zbrush
also, you will need some image editor like photoshop to edit textures.

there is no need to study anything just do what you want and learn in the process. You can ask questions when you don't know something
I have some suggestions how to get started but I will tell that later if necessary.


Onix is right. Both Poser (expensive) and DAZ Studio (free) are great tools and easy to learn if you use their tutorials. I paid $50 for some great tutorials for Poser. I use Photoshop for touching up, particularly getting Gamma and exposure right. Also glad to help if you get into Poser.


Thank you for great advise!
There are lots of things I want to make. It will take some time I can use those well, but I will!!


It is not hard unless you want to do lots of gore and other stuff with mutilated bodies.
So what kind of stuff you want to make?

I guess you may face some problems when you start especially with slow renderings and other similar technical issues but don't rush to change models trying to make it work better as it is often quite easy to fix those problems.

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