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Cheung did US angel corps which is a guro comic...
What do you think overall the work and its author?


He's got the skill and style, but... not exactly my thing. Not grim enough. Not bloody enough. Too much emphasis on curvaceous bodies (I'm no fan of your common male idea of "sexy", to me most of such material is just tasteless), too much unwarranted and unsolicited nudity. And ugly noses. Otherwise it is pretty well done.


I think the main thing I like about his art is the shading. That and the smooth lines are what makes it look polished. But the comics are otherwise awful. No real effort put into writing, girls who all look the same except for their stupid outfits. And when it comes to the guro parts, it's underwhelming. He's good at drawing blood spatter, but the wounds are too clean and lacking detail for my taste. Also, the girls might as well be mannequins. He doesn't do convincing facial expressions of fear or pain. And it bugs me that he keeps drawing close-ups of the corpses' crotches as they're pissing themselves.


I ADORE his comics. For me he's up there among the creator gods to whom I look up to.

His characters do suffer from the same nose syndrome though.

I actually like the lack of contorted faces due to pain or fear. I like it when women are little more than disposable meatbags in my fantasies.


For my two cents, Angel Corps had some good ideas and a great art style but suffered from an identity crisis and overly samey character art. It never seemed to have a concrete identity: it wasn't really a Guro but it wasn't really a Porno either, and suffered a lot from that lack of focus.

Another complaint I'd make is samey scene design. It's pretty much all the same; male character defeats useless female character(s) in X or Y manner. There's precious little variety and absolutely no surprises. And no sense that he learned anything, either.

I understand being drawn into patterns by your own sexual preferences, fetishes and paraphilias but when you're posting a comic series like this you do need some degree of freshness. The <X kills Y with decapitation/shot six million times/asphyxiated and Y pisses herself> formula gets stale quickly.
So I'd say it's pretty but not especially clever.


Actually, whit US angels corps I discovered my guro fetish. And if you think about that, is a nice introduction, because is a "soft guro" (if that even exist) not visceral enough to "scare you" and arouse your interest to search more guro works.

But man, years have passed and this dude can't draw a different face in his characters.


>>6574 it was commissioned :P I don't think you can say it was his issue when he didn't write the storylines ^^

Personally I love the overall angel corps , was very inspirational, vanilla cookies too.


>The <X kills Y with decapitation/shot six million times/asphyxiated and Y pisses herself> formula gets stale quickly.

I think guro comics in general have a tendency to really frontload the fetish aspects for understandable reasons, but I really like when the fetish is a definite part of it but not the only aspect of it and there's build up to the fetish parts as well. I like the Studio AD comics quite a lot because the main character's career as an escape artist really lends itself for the variety of peril scenarios that are out there without having to shape the entire universe to cater to that fetish.

My personal ideal comic with fetish aspects would be a Wild West comic that would also have sexy cowgirls as part of their stories and often have the outcome of a hot young cowgirl being hanged from the gallows and the scene being covered in reasonably authentic but sexy detail would be really in my interest. But it would be best if there were maybe individual stories within the comic to cater to some fetishes, like the main character hunting down a gang of female outlaws and bringing them some back to hang and some of them would of course suffer various fates or even become recurring characte4rs! But the point is that the fetish aspect of that for me would end up suffering a bit if the fetish action was happening in every single panel.

That's why some of the hottest depictions of my fantasies come from "normal" media, because the suspense and the buildup make the delivery all the more sweeter.


I fricking love his comis.I wish he would continue.I love the design and the way each kill is executed.Teasing a bit, and then a bit of sex and when the joices start flowing bang! the kill. He is on my western style guro artists podium with Dolcett, Ricky and others.Allthou i prefer manga, i will allways love David, and i hope he will continue the Angel Corps series someday! Good job!


i freaking LOVED the Chugworth Academy.


I was a HUGE fan of Angels Corps and even posted fanfic on that forum. For me his style is far superior to anime and equally over done CGI guro. Despite the sameface the girls were cute and believable as characters. The negative continuity was just a way to recycle them and kill them off in different ways. It worked for me.

The shootings and stabbings were my favorites. My only complaint is that the girls died too quickly. Most notably Princess's deaths by gunshots. The firing squad is my go to fap material with multipanel depiction of her getting lit up from several machine guns but in the next page she is already dead. I always wanted an intermediate sequence where she slides down the wall and writhes on the ground in agony as she bleeds out. Leaf's death in Just Another Day is almost perfect except that the first shot hits her in the forehead and she isn't able to feel or react the the follow up barrage of gunfire.

In the forums I never did get conformation from him on any kind of canon about the girls having knowledge of how their bodies would be used if they were killed in action. That place closed before I could get a commission of my own done where several Angels were catured, raped, executed and then necro'd one by one and forced to watch each other until the last.

Vanilla Cookies keeps me interested because I still see them as Angels and I can always hope he will go back to killing them off for a Halloween edition or something. Overall I like his style and the plots are cute which would make the guro versions even better as a payoff.


He needs to diversify his style – different faces, different body types, experiment with other coloring techniques and learn perspective. I think the reason his comics seem so stale (as compared to the million other guro comics that follow the same formula) is that the targets are so similar, right down to the facial structure.

Also he needs to stay out of internet slapfights ;)

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