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Hi GC! I'm a 17 year old mexican girl and I want to try new things. You see, my dad is a stupid taxi driver who is always outside and he makes me feel depressed, also he tried to rape me when I was 9. My way of coping with this is guro and hentai, but I want to try those things IRL. If you ask for my mom, she went to USA with another man, I do not blame her.

Anyway, after you all know a bit about myself and my drive to try this, I will say you what I want.

I want to feel submissive in a way but at the same time I want to "escape" (not suicide, that is horrible) from the depressive atmosphere I'm currently living in (I do not work, I do not go to school, almost everyday I cry and I don't want to see my stupid dad).

How do you, the GC community, fit into all of this? That is easy. You give me orders (be it sexual or guro) and I will obey and comply them. For example, someone could say "fuck a carrot and eat it" and I will do it. Someone else could say "put a pair of 5 inch heels, lock them and go to walk around for 3 hours" and someone else could say "sit on a chair, take a knife and cut your thigh". I think you know the deal.

But, I will say my limits. I won't do anything that could make me loose a limb (or part of it), I won't do anything that could lead me to be arrested (such as public nudity, although if you want, I could go outside in just a raincoat and shoes) and I won't do things that could paralyze me, such as shooting myself. Anything else, like eating shit, clamping my clit or things like that are ALLOWED.

I am yours, GC


I order you to try your best to be happy and strong and safe. Even aside from fun pastimes, which are fine, accepting reality despite its worst and trying to make the best of it is invaluable.

Also, spank yourself bloody, smear poop on your face, put your feet on a table and your hands on the floor and your bright red ass in the air and cry singing that you're a naughty little piggy who deserves a brat-shaming spanking and no clothes or dignity.

Video tape it if you feel confident doing so, but my 3rd command is that you don't follow any orders that you're not getting off to or fear the consequences of.


I command you to follow your dreams, to stay strong and live the best life you can!


Is this for real or IRL pretend roleplay?

My command is this:
stand in front of the mirror and push BBQ skewer through your both breasts (or 2 shorter ones through each of them separately, clean it with alcohol or something similar ta first) then leave it there for all 24 hours
In that time you could go shopping or go in public somewhere while having all that hidden behind your clothes. and observe if people around can suspect something :)

Of course, make a photo or video to prove it. (without showing your face or cover it with something if you don't want publicity)


Thank you for supporting me and saying those kind words.

Yep, this is for real, but I won't take pics of myself. You never know who you could find on the internet, but do not think bad about me, we mexicans are way to responsive to any "personality" change and we gossip about it, so maybe you will know who I am.

I will do your orders by posting order, so first I will smear the shit and then I will skewer my tits (I hope large forks do the work, as I do not have BBQ ones)


well, you don't need to take pictures of yourself in full view. that would be a stupid idea. Just a small closeup is enough since otherwise, it is pretty hard to believe that such thing can happen for real.

Anyway, it is up to you so you can at least provide some good description of what happened.


I mean it is not very possible to identify you from your breasts or just half of the breast or patch of the skin.


Stop it Onix.


YES!!! Do it! I totally support Onix’s suggestion!


If you want a fun, safe way to feel submissive I can strongly recommend an afternoon spent with duct tape, a boy(or girl) you trust and care about implicitly, and a feather duster.

Take it from me, getting tied down and played with feels amazing. Being forced to cum - by which I mean being pleasured such that you couldn't stop yourself cumming even if you wanted to - feels absolutely amazing. And the afterglow is as good as the orgasm, you just want to curl up against them and purr.

Alternatively you might tie yourself up while your partner makes you pleasure them. Again, it's a fantastic kick. Especially taking a load of cum, knowing you've been a good girl...

And you can obviously mix the two. Maybe they force you to get them off, and if you're a good girl you get to cum.

And lastly you've got the fun, kinky stuff. If you want it to hurt, don't go for anything that can actually injure you. Try a length of vine or rubber, getting whipped hurts like you wouldn't believe. Worse than stabbing yourself in the tit with a fork, for sure.

Don't ever, ever, ever skewer or cut yourself to get off. No orgasm is worth that, and from a friend of mine I can say it really doesn't match the hype. You won't be able to seek medical attention without people finding out what you did, and without it you risk a fatal infection. Mexico's hot climate only it that much more dangerous, as it's the ideal conditions for growing bacteria.


Sadly I do not have anyone who cares for me, anyways thanks for your suggestion. And regarding medical assistance, doctors and nurses here do not care what you do as far as they are recieving their pay (hopefully the only thing that my stupid dad does for me is giving me social security, so I have free medical assistance)

Ok, lets report about the spanking and smearing. Firstly, my dad didn't come home last night, so I got to work. At first I was reluctant to grab my shit from the toilet but it was an order so I did. Next I put it on a small tupperware I used to use when I was 8. I went to the dinning table and undressed myself. Unfortunately my hands weren't able to spank me properly so I searched for a small wooden plank and got spanking myself until I could no longer endure anymore. I smashed the shit on the tupperware and took a handfull of it and smeared it on my face. The stench was horrible and I almost threw up (i still can smell a bit of it). I positioned with my hands on the floor and my feet on the table as I was ordered and shouted "Soy una cerda que no merece ropa y quiere ser nalgueada como la cerda que soy". Yes, I shouted it in spanish, as my spoken english is plain bad.
I went to bath myself and the tupperware, hid the plank and went to sleep.
My buttocks really hurt but that tingling sensation in driving me crazy, looks like I'm becoming a pain slut?

Did I get aroused? Yes, not much from the pain and smell, but the helplessness sensation I had was enough to "mentally cum" and feel satisfied.

I want to try the skewering today


Wow. Hold your horses there cowgirl, we’re talking about a whole different level of pain than what you just tried. Try needles or thin barbless hooks first. You can stick them in the flesh of your breast or if you really want to have fun, your areola. That way you can adjust to the pain, learn to like it, and not permanently damaging yourself on accident. Then once you adjust and feel confident in what your doing... skewers!


Por favor, no agas eso. Mereces mejor y no necesitas lastimar te para sentir que tienes valor. Tu eres una mujer. No una cerda. No dejes que nadie te quite tu dignidad.
No te lastimes por ningun hombre. Eyos no merecen esa satisfacion.
Y mas, si no lo haces bien, puede cer que los doctores van a necesitar quitar tu frente! Or te puedes morir de infection o otra complicacion. Puede pasar que si quieres niños no vas a poder amamantar tus bebés.
Y lo que es más, la memoria de lo que hizo tu papá, no merece el poder que lo estás dando.
Piensa lo. Por favor.


But to be clear, NOT UNTIL you are confident in doing so! I don’t want you dying over these little homework assignments. I figure if you wanted vanilla bdsm, you wouldn’t have come here, so I’m more than down with playing the unmerciful bitch. Just a warning though, I’m VERY into hooks and piercing!


I agree with TheCheekyAngler. Being a masochist is all well and fine but if you don't do it right you can do permanent damage that you didn't sign up for. And the pain might be more than you expected. I command you to do research before you attempt skewering! We don't want your fun to be over before it has really begun right?

After all, you could get tetanus or an awful infection. There are folks though who do skewer parts of themselves for pleasure. You can research how the professionals do it first and start with something small... Needles, pins, small hooks, etc.


It’s ironic how well meaning we are considering we are all on a site whose staples include “child evisceration” :)


I get the impression she wants to enjoy herself too, as do we all. Some of us are the sadists, like you my dear ;) And some of us are the me. I'd like Atzy to explore her masochistic sexuality in a way that allows her to enjoy future adventures! No point in ending the show after the first act right? :D


Indeed oh wise and sexy crow!


Oooohhhhh, I'm wise and sexy?!

Now force me down by the throat and tell me to shut my mouth while you choke me and rape me into a intelligent and curvaceous mistress.

Your sadistic soul lights my way in the darkness my darling. What would I do without you?

Hey everyone, meet my wife: TheCheekyAngler.


You don’t get to tell me what to do... baby bird >:)


I apologize
*gets on one knee and bows*
What is your wish, my master?


La decision fue tomada, aun asi aprecio bastante tu comentario

You might be right, I actually tried to skewer my breast with common forks, but they were dull and the pain was more trying to pierce than the actual piercing.

Yes, I do pierced both breasts with needles, two at the base and one on the areola. It was painful as hell but not painful as the fork. I started to cry from the pain and the removal was harder than I thought. Of course I rinsed the needles in alcohol to kill any bacteria and right after I took them off I rubbed my breasts with alcohol too. I do not want tetanus. I almsot came but the pain was not letting me cum. I guess I will have another shot with the alcohol just to make sure


You know, I was thinking...there are masochists that are professional exhibitionists. When they do damage to their breasts they tend avoid the internal mammory tissue, aiming instead for the fat, so as not to do any real devastating harm to their chest.

Perhaps, if you like doing this, you could find somewhere or someone professional who can teach you. Maybe even hire you if you think you would enjoy that line of work.

Also, give yourself some time to heal from this last run. You want to work your body up to higher levels of pain by starting small. Otherwise your body may develop a negative reaction and keep you from hurting yourself for pleasure in the future.

You aren't alone in liking what you do, but there are ways to explore it that can be very rewarding without putting yourself at risk. What do you think?


It may be impossible to do piercing with forks but using dull things is much safer than using sharp objects because dull needle will not do any internal damage as it will slide in pushing everything from its way without even causing significant pain bbq skewer or knitting needle is most suitable for that It may be even less painful than sharp needle.

One time it happened to me when I hit the huge dull nail wit my my leg and it went all inside while the only thing I felt was that something touched my bone. There was no pain an no blood at all. People often fall on various dull objects and get skewered but they neither bleed much neither suffer any significant damage.

Considering infections it is not really that probable unless you have diabetes or other diseases. All that matters is not to stuff some hard dirt (like big pieces of rust) in your body or else it will be really bad as there will be no way to get them out easily.

On the other hand, I would not recommend cutting yourself ever because this will leave scars to take lots of time to heal and later it will bleed and hurt more tha in the begining.


So, the pain from the needles has almost disappeared and the tiny holes left are starting to close. I will not lie, the alcohol burnt like a bitch and I doubled in pain, not sexual one but actual pain. Hopefully I think I avoided any possible infection.

I am ready for your next command.


let's do something less painful this time since your last task failed :)

Find a smooth plastic pen and stuff it into your peehole then fill your pussy with as many knives and forks as possible pushing them inside. stay like that for 1 hour


Tape or glue a sign to a rod or stick after you write "Selfish Stupid little brat deserves a spanking!" and stick it in your ass.

Paint or draw pictures of your friends or family, or take photos of them, and hang up the images on our wall, facing a bed or table.

Then lay on your back and lift your ankles above your head, with your ass just slightly dangling over your bed or table, and spank yourself.


I command all of you to take a seat over there.

Except for you, miss. You should stop posting for a year or two, at minimum, before you get any of these pervs get vanned.


I do not want to get into argument here but you should not give her tasks to write thesis about global warming LOL
Drawing picture is pretty big deal :) Unless you suggest doing that with her own shit which she has to scoop directly from her ass while drawing the picture .

It just got me pretty aroused thinking about that.
so I will add this task like above.

Take a piece of paper (typical A4 paper sheet) make sure you are about to take a dump and have enough sit inside then stand in front of the table and draw a shitty picture of your shitty dad using your own shit. you can use your finger or brush to draw it but you are not allowed to put your shit into any container for later use it must be "fresh". (stick figure is enough if you add words, "my dad") then you can stick it on the wall or better rip it in pieces and shove it in your ass where it belongs and take a dump.

Finally you could post that picture on gurochan even without breaking the rules and not revealing your identity in any way:) you may even have great sucess as artist LOL


Come to America and be my gf mexican maid.


But first put a banana in your butt!


damn, how didn't I thought about that myself, she said every other request is allowed :)

But ok, enjoy your new perverted GF maid LOL





Oh my GOD you just made my day XD



And then eat that carrot.


Yeah. I have to agree with push ups, they've got to be some of the best exercises for women - they tone the belly and help the pectorals keep the breasts perky.


Ok, I will put another limit, I won't post any pic, I'm paranoid as fuck.

The plastic pen insertion and forks thing was weird. Let me explain.
The urethra isn't made to be penetrated and with every movement I did I was experiencing excrutiating pain shotting through my body, I even started to cry and dry heave from the pain.
I wish I had prepared the forks but I didn't so I made the most painful walk in my life. I can't describe how painful was walking with that thing down there. I stuffed 3 forks inside my vagina and laid down. I got a bit aroused.

When the pain subsided a bit I did the spanking, and maintaing balance without any support was hard. I almost fell from my bed.

The shit thing. I forgot about it, I will do it later.

As for the naked pushup carrot thing how big does the carrot need to be?



In a few months I will start trying to stop smoking for real.... so you will simply have to get someone to buy you some cigarets and burn yourself with one of them.


A decent aized carrot is good, 6 inches. Make sure it's nice and brown too.


You can put a bunch of baby carrots in your asshole and then a longer one just sticks out. And a flag out of your pussy.


I command you to do this!

-Put a lollipop sticking out of your asshole, with a bell tied to the bottom of it

-and a sign taped just below your tits and above your belly button, and another sign on your back,

-and a bunch of carrots inside your ass around the candy of the lollipop.

-stand alone in the woods or wherever and spank yourself.


Eat a thumb tack.



Don't do this.


Hi Atzy! I happen to be the oldest person/alien on Gc. Pretty much everyone here steers clear of me except an artist named Eva, whom also appears nearly nightly on 4chan with her drawings.

I'm assuming you are SIGINT Activity Designator PRISM US-984XN.

If that's a negative, my task for you is: why don't you think about moving to America. I can help. ^v^


Could you illuminati faggots at least stick to the theme for a thread ffs?


I rarely post, and when I do, I carefully consider what I'm typing before posting. I noticed that Atzy has not posted in nearly a week, while the orders/demands continue. My post should be taken as a non sequitur Moment and nothing else. I'm sorry I upset you to the point that you felt moved to reply in such a way that now has me upset as well.

You, on the other hand, have actually done what you have accused me of doing: you have disrupted the flow and theme of this thread by posting a complaint against my Reply, likely knowing that I would into rebuttal.

You called me 'illuminati faggots'. I don't think that fits me, grammatically or otherwise. Nearly a year ago, I asked you if you were female, simply because of the way you wrote (at least at that time). You were like, no, I'm a dude, I'm just glib.

As a former chan admin (not GUROchan), I can tell you that this post will likely have a short life here, but I hope it will remain up until you read it.

Relax. Maybe don't reply as we'll banned for this shit. You cool?


Wow I was jk but then felt bad you said you were "upset" but then I saw you're the same retard who assumed I was a girl because you wanted to sex the words I wrote or something.

>>As a former chan admin (not GUROchan)



I never thought I would come back here but I feel that I must inform you all.

Remember I told you about my mom who went to USA? Well, I'm actually living with her now!

Long story short:
On december 11th my mom got my phone number from god-knows-where and called me. She said all that things that parents do when they abandon you and she said "¿quieres venir a los united states m'ija?" which translates to "do you want to come to USA, dear?". Of course I said yes so she asked me to open a saldazo card (like an accounts debit card) and she deposited 1000 usd which in mexican pesos are 18000-20000 pesos. Then I asked for my visa and passport which was almost denied twice and here I am, living in Los Angeles.

Thanks for your kind words guys and girls. I'm another person now


Eyy, congrats! I hope you enjoy yourself.

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