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How often does this happen to you: a killer is captured, a few (never nearly enough) tantalizing details are revealed of his/her crime(s), and you think, "Fuck, I'd have gotten away with it"?

Take, for example, the crackpot amateur submariner in Denmark. For whatever reason, he killed the female reporter he conned into sailing with him. He must have thought he was hot shit when he cut off her limbs. But he wrapped the pieces in flesh-preserving plastic! And he kept the fucking torso intact. He weighted the pieces down, but of course they washed up on shore.

If the idiot had even read a handful of dismember/disembowel stories here, he would have known to at least open her belly. That would do a good job of attracting the scavengers that would have made his stupid plan a potential success. Any zombification stories would have reminded him of the need to keep the other pieces exposed to the sea as well, so the flesh could rot properly.

Here's the thing, though. If he'd had the sense to do those things, he probably wouldn't have killed the poor woman in the first place.

Maybe that's the saving grace, if one is needed, of guro fans. We've looked inside, seen the darkness, and decided to keep it on a leash. Perhaps having the good sense to know our desires is what keeps us from acting on them?


Dude have you read my shit? I'm not talking about the LIT board.

I want to not go to prison for murder so I can help commit a genocide and torture certain enemies forever.


Serial killers are extremely hard to catch
they only get caught because they make some random mistake but in general, they stay free almost indefinitely.

Plain killers are easily caught because they are somehow related to their victim, they have a motive and not that much time to prepare and execute the plan.

Also killers who get caught are mostly brain dead idiots and do not do any research. those who do everything properly usually do not get caught at all.


well, not really, serial killers are not harder to catch than regular killers. it's either they have bad luck and get caught after their first try, or they don't, so they try again, and if they're not caught this time- again, and so on... you see, serial killers that go undisturbed through many years and multiple victims are extremely rare. like, under 1% of all murder cases. they're those "lucky" ones. and really, it's usually because of neglect of the authorities (like all those cases of nurses who kill patients- dozens of people die before somebody notices they all die during this particular nurse's shift...) it's the movies and tv that make us think the cops do nothing else but chase serial killers, because it's easier to write that than do actual research. also, regular crimes are boring and solving them is anticlimactic.
the tv also makes us think serial killers are some kind of criminal masterminds. but really they're just like you and me, only mentally damaged, or sociopathic (and if they're seriously mentally ill they get caught quickly) and because they're like regular people, that's why>>6481, they sometimes have everything planned out, but when it comes to actually doing it they panic and fuck up. everybody thinks "i'd have gotten away with it" but when it comes to dismembering actual dead chick on board of a submarine, try doing this and then we'll talk. (just kidding, please don't)
if he had a plan, if it was his plan, it was doomed from the start. think about it: he's alone on his submarine with the girl, and everybody knows that- she went there specifically to interview him. then he shows up on shore, and says his submarine sunk and the girl drowned- THAT'S his plan?? of course there was going to be an investigation and a search for the body! somebody died under his custody- he would have been tried for- at least- unintentional manslaughter, even if the body was never found. and the wreckage was sure going to be found (it's not a box of matches) and evidence of misconduct... hold on, i think the first thing they noticed after they found it was that the submarine didn't sink by itself, but the valves were intentionally open! that's a murder case already!
on the other hand, did he really NOT get away with it? there's no death penalty in Denmark nor Sweden. i don't even think they even lock people up for life anymore. there's, like, 20 or 25 sentence, max. that's not much of a deterrent, is it.


Funny, I know someone who's job is to hunt serial killers. Specifically. And they are not easy to catch. The ones that do get caught are the ones who mess with the FBI because they want to be the next famous serial killer.
Also, if the serial killer has no MO, they are nearly impossible to catch.
Furthermore, my friend(the same one who I mentioned in another post is a first responder) also worked in the forestry service. According to them serial killers will hunt on trails because getting rid of evidence is much easier. These serial killers rarely get caught as well. The rangers usually just find the bodies.
There are hundreds of murder cases every year that are left unsolved.

This isn't me saying you should go out and kill someone. This is me careful. It happens. But the cops don't really want the public knowing these things for obvious reasons.


K, I realized saying "hundreds" of cases is an exaggeration, but I'm including missing persons cases as well since some of those are undoubtedly the work of serial killers/murderers.


K, I realized saying "hundreds" of cases is an exaggeration, but I'm including missing persons cases as well since some of those are undoubtedly the work of serial killers/murderers.


Well, you just explained yourself shy serial killers are much harder to catch than plain murder like in that submarine. Almost all normal murders happen in a similar way. where you almost immediately have a suspect...
Serial killers kill without motive and they select random targets in random places making it impossible to suspect them or prove their guilt.
They do go for many years until they finally screw up something badly.

If you want to avoid getting caught you must take really good care to hide murder motive or provide some scapegoat. Otherwise, it is practically impossible to avoid being caught, at best you may try to hide evidence to make your guilt unprovable but you will still get under careful investigation and police will follow you for years. it may convince you of murder even if you did everything perfectly and there is no evidence at all.

The guy in the submarine did a pretty stupid thing. He could have said that she just drowned or something and nobody could prove his guilt. Drowning her with the submarine was most the stupid idea ever. There is no reason to convince him for unintentional manslaughter because criminal neglect has to be proven. If she just fell into the water and drowned there is no guilt. All he needs to do is to cook some decent explanation of what happened.


>>This is not necessarily true because Zodiac killer, who probably did all his murders just to mess with police, never got caught.

Also messing with FBI is the main fun part of pf all that serial killing and no need for disposing of corpses. Even more, fun would serial killer who kills police, FBI officers, and other government officials. LOL in which case half of the population will put thumbs up for what he is doing making it even harder to catch.


Funny, I wanted to use the Zodiac killer as an example of how difficult it can be to catch them. Obviously I didn't mean the ones who mess with the fbi get caught 100% of the time. My point was just that serial killers are harder to catch than people expect.

Also, my serial killer investigator friend and my forestry service friend are two totally different people. Just thought I'd clarify.


they're usually not caught not because of how smart they are, but because of incompetence of authorities. or is it even the right word... the police work is hard and it used to be even harder before technological advances of today. the hardest part about serial killers is actually recognising that THERE IS a series. not always there is one MO, as the circumstances change, so cases don't get associated, and even after the killer is caught remain unsolved. sometimes they commit murders in different jurisdictions, and when they're caught in one- others remain unsolved. authorites are reluctant to admit they have a serial killer, as this brings the angry public at them, personalised by annoying journalists, who are quick to judge and call for somebody's head; also, it's difficult to prove in court that this one particular motherfucker killed all those folks, so usually they end up with one or two victims they can prove, and the rest officialy remains unsolved.
the ones who like to mess with the fbi actually make their job easier. they leave a recognisable mark at the crime scene, or write an angry letter to local newspaper (Unabomber comes o mind, or BTK) and the authorities know what they're dealing with. they will now asign group of people and extra resources to this particular case.
but i don't think messing with the fbi is the main fun part (maybe for you, Onix) but you do know serial killers existed before fbi was created, and they also exist outside of usa.
and if you live in an area where half the population hates police so much i'm very sorry for you.


You watch too many detective movies.

But think logically how are you going to catch a serial killer? you occasionally find young women hanged on the trees using red silk rope. so you clearly see that it is the same killer what are you going to do to catch him. you cant sends police patrols to guard everything all time. You do not have any motive you just know that women randomly disappear when they go outside and never come back.

There is nothing to hold on, nobody to suspect, anyone can be the killer very likely he is even standing next to you observing you collecting evidence, but you don't know.
Even if you find something to hook on how do you know that it is not just all just fake stuff thrown there to mislead you?
The only thing you can do is wait until he will screw up something and get noticed by someone walking their dog or one of his victims will kick him in the balls and escape.

When I said messing with the FBI is fun, I meant more about the idea of messing with someone way more powerful than you are.
It does not matter how much resources they assign they cannot really do anything that makes you feel extremely powerful stronger than the state itself
And yes quite a big chunk of the population hates police everywhere, especially in the US. :)

The fact that killer writes letters will not help much if he is not a total idiot.


Careful now Onix. I'm starting to suspect you have first-hand experience. You speak with a confidence of self, unashamed of who you are. I admire it actually, though you and I don't see eye to eye on all things, I can't help but love someone who knows themselves so surely. :)


Well, I did not kill anyone so far, but I kinda admire zodiac killer for the fact that he was mocking the police all this time and they were unable to do anything to him
I kinda feel bad for people who die but well I hate police and society more than I love those strangers who died.


LOL! You said "so far". I love your honesty. I think you are my favorite person here. XD


Well, I prefer t keep all options open who knows what will happen in future. :)


I love the way you think.
Let's be friends!


Well that Submarine guy was really stupid. She was just a killer.

But the whole Silence of the Lambs/Criminal Minds this is a big stupidity.

I think only 1% of the Seriall Killer like that. Playing with the police, sending messages etc.

Most of the Serial Killer's just want ot fulfill his desires and don't get caught. A real SK is trying to hide/dipose the body no to expose it.

And trying to lure the victim in his house/place and kill it without trace.


Where I come from, a lot of killers get away with it, surprisingly. More than 60% in some areas.

The biggest contribution to getting caught are witnesses and becoming a suspect to begin with. Unless you have a prior record, they have nothing to match evidence to unless you actually get pulled in for investigation.

You could leave fingerprints all over the place but if you don't have any prints on record, nobody saw you, and you're never pulled in for questioning, there's nothing they can do about it.

However there's no statute of limitations for murder so if you get caught for something else later and printed, you're in trouble.


I think you admire the Zodiac killer because you want to be cool and important. The idea of hating society as a single unit seems idiotic to me. There is no society to hate. Each person is an individual. You seem to me like a self-indulgent, short-sighted individual with no depth to you.


Maybe if I had more depth myself I would find more compassion for you, but instead I am simply enraged by your mediocrity.


that "mediocrity" enrages me is, of course, pretty telling.

my anger has cooled pretty quickly, and become shame. Still, you need to hold yourself to a higher standard.


First, admiring someone will not make me cool or important even if I want to cool and important. I only can relate do what he does because of similar desires.

Society IS single unit while people are more like cogs in that unit who do their tasks like cells in human body. I hope you will find out that someday too if you will try to look at the bigger picture.
I am totally aware that being destructive will not do much good, just like imprisoning some criminal will not make him behave better but when something you hate gets hurt it just feels good.

Not sure if you want to get into philosophical discussions here. But I guess my guro fetish is based on same idea for hatred of the all kind of rules where I have no power to decide them this doe not only include moral rules or society. I hate all universe all physic and entire existence itself because it is all wrong and does not work in a way I want.
If God does exist he is a worthless incompetent retard for creating this crap.
The reason I hate people is that people love that fucked up system and even worship that retarded god instead of hating and despising it and dedicating their existence to change everything into something better


Well you sound like a cunt trying to twist what he said. Who the fuck are you to talk about standards, given your drivel?

Society is just individuals but it's still sensible to differentiate between the sum and its parts. I say fuck society, even though most peeps are generally ig alright.

And hey, what if Onix hates most individuals? Would that please your highest standards?


You mentioned "submarine guy" few times. He messed up indeed with this reporter, but he wasn't some random moron.
Police found shitton of videos with tortured and killed in a different ways women. Burning alive, hanging and stuff. He was succesfull serial killer.

It's safe to assume it was overconfidence, which got him. Not just stupidity.


"RAW!".... "ah shit"
"RAAAAAAGGHHH!" ............ "wat am i"


I am an old guy who has been fascinated by serial killers from the 40's on. One of them said from jail, I think the guy from Santa Clara, "Don't start; you won't be able to stop." And he talked about enjoying his time in jail reliving the experiences. Ken Hansen who killed the three boys in Chicago in 1955 and maybe the two sisters a month later, was caught 40 years later because he bragged to a friend about the killings. The boys, 11-13 were naked, strangled abused and discarded a day and a half after they were killed. The examining police found that there was a pedophile ring or club in the area. Do you think he might have been selling time with them? One guy killed a girl a half block from where we lived and we had two young daughters. We were terrified. It had been so easy to do.


alright, now that I'm not in the midst of a panic attack and spouting stupid nonsense, let's break down what you're saying

>I kinda feel bad for people who die but well I hate police and society more than I love those strangers who died.

This is just basic depressed narcissism. There's more to you than that of course, you're not that simple, but it's in the mix. Deal with your miserable narcissism and you'll also deal with the pain that drives you to these urges. Narcissism is pain, it lives in the amygdala. It shows up there in brain scans.

I wrote a bunch more but no one wants to read a bunch more, and the bottom line is narcissism. All the other ideas are secondary.


This thread kind of took a different direction but I just wanted to point out how bizarre and not-real guro is most of the time, even the stuff that involves a mundane weapon like a sword or something is so heavily stylized and idealized I have to regard it as really separate from real or even realistic violence. Someone who faps to guro is much further from someone who faps to videos of real life violence than it seems superficially in my opinion, I have fapped to videos of real life violence but I considered that rather exceptional and felt sort of bad after. Hentai in general has lots of stuff in it that would be quite different in real life and guro is just an extreme form, albeit maybe one of the most.


Not caring is not narcissism. Narcissism is an addiction to the glory and fame and it is extremely motivating to do something by the definition narcissism is being in love with your own image (what others think about you) and not yourself.
I do not have any urges like that, in fact, I would more classify myself as a somewhat psychopathic: the guy who can live in the cave and do not give a shit about anything that happens to anyone. My main concern and fear are not to be bored.
However, I do care a lot about my friends and family while I have no empathy for strangers or groups of people at all. If that was required, I would sacrifice millions of lives just for sake of the single friend or family member. (and I would prefer my friends to do same for me)
However, if there will be a time when I will be left without friends and family there will be no one to stop me and no one to care about. And who knows what I will do then, to have some fun being completely alone in the universe.


I used to feel bad, but then I told myself not to waste sympathy on the dead and just enjoy the violence. Personally, I love watching autopsy footage (seeing a lady's breasts peeled back and ribs removed is one of the most beautiful things) and brutal murders. l hope that one day you will be able to banish your useless guilt.


That definition of narcissism is not the clinical definition. It's a broader disorder than you describe, and a more common one.

You're probably not a psychopath if you care about your friends and family, unless you just say you do but don't really understand the concept.

...anyway, it's stupid and self-indulgent for me to diagnose you over the internet, I've never met you and there are many reasons a person might act one way or another online. You could be a narcissist, or you could just be isolated and emotionally stunted, with a defensive viewset that sounds like narcissism. You could be somewhere in the middle (I think you're somewhere in the middle) or you could be none of the above.

Anon's comment above me is pretty interesting so I'm going to fuck off and let the thread go where it wants


As one of my favorite authors here, where would one go to read such beautiful stories


I seem to recall reading that serial killers tend to have below average IQ's and yeah its the media and Hollywood that has elevated them to the Sherlock level of ingenuity. And yeah i agree its a good thing there doesnt seem to be an overlap between gurofans and killers or else sites like this and their content would be even harder to come by.

I know there was a time towards the middle of high school where i questioned if i might be or have sociopathic tenancies. I had become pretty antisocial. I imagined getting into fights where i would wreck the other guy so bad, like stab them with an exposed and fractured bone bad. Already had found out about most of my weird kinks (Knew about them for some time actually) including this site. I had even answered a riddle that supposedly only sociopaths would get. Like its wasnt even a riddle i was just "Oh, well clearly this is why... wait the rest of you didnt catch that?" But the factor that throws all that out is Ive still got empathy in overwhelming amounts. I cry when I watch A Pale Blue Dot. I feel warmth and happiness from caring for animals and pets. I care for the people i choose to have in my life.

So clearly yes a distinction should be made between the two groups.

Now some folks have mentioned being interested in irl gore and stuff. For me, Ive not quite made it there. CG and cartoons, fine. Part of why this is i think is precisely because it stylized, theres an aesthetic to it. How different artists treat the subject matter. Another part of the fascination for me is images where the subject should be dead but is not. Thats a vital part of it. If i saw a four panel comic of a woman getting gutted i could scroll on by if the art style isnt to my taste but if she is doing it to herself and talking sexy a the while then im interested. Non-lethal is the tag ive seen used for this... Now with that little sub-genre in mind i started my own personal photoshop manip collection of extra holes being made and fucked, as in nipple and skull fucking, and i think that shit is the bees knees. Just this week Ive started watching implant removal video and getting off to that. i dont feel gross or have guilt over it, cause i know the context. If i were to see an autopsy vid I dont think i would be able to feel the same way. That spark of life makes a difference to me.

My working theory is this - Death is a taboo and a mystery, but its also as natural as the blooming of a flower and the setting of the sun. Modern society is a death cult where no one except the state has the privilege of deciding who gets to die, and the church put a toll bridge on the road to the afterlife. Religion and materialism has turned death into something to fear and avoid taking power away from us and giving it to death or in this case those who speak for it, ie church and state.

Curiosity about death is natural and somewhere somehow that curiosity can get sexualized. People shouldnt be made to feel bad about that interests them, and most people are able to draw the line between what is safe to explore and whats going too far. All we are doing is finding out what it means to be human, to be a mind with a body attached to it. So by contrast that means finding out what it means to not be human. To be other than, below, or beyond.


I agree with you Onix

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